Friday, May 19, 2017

Week 99: Skype, Water balloons and getting ready for Juan's Baptism

Zone Activity
It was so great to talk to you guys yesterday. I loved being able to see the family. I still cant believe that we are going to see each other in a month. 

Well I told you pretty much everthing that was going on so I am going to be a little brief. Juan is going to get baptized this saturday. We just have to teach him 2 more commandments and then he will be ready for his interview. Then we had Jesus (who was drunk all last week) and his wife Lupita go to church yesterday. We had a pretty interesting lesson with them on saturday. We talked to them about baptism and Jesus said that he would do it but Lupita was kind of hard hearted because she has been going to one church for the past year and she has been preparing to get baptized in that church but for some reason still does not feel ready. And when we invited her to go to church with us she said that she didnt want to go because she has been going to her church and she doesnt want to go to a different one, even after we explained the blessing that she will recieve after taking the sacrament. That was when I decided that it was time to be a little more direct with my words. She and Jesus have been having problems for the past few months and I told her that if she does not do something different her problems will never go away. That attending church and taking the sacrament is what is going help her recieve the help that she desperately needs. The next day I was honestly really surprised that they both came to church early but they both end up really liking church. It also helped having the mission presidente there to make things a little more spiritual. 
Then we had Victor come to church. He is planning on getting baptized my last day in the mission. 

Also today we had a zone activity where we filled up 200 water balloons and had a big water balloon fight. I also bought a bunch of elastic band to make a giant sling shot with the goal posts. The sling shot was super awesome. It would launch the water balloons so far. It had to launch some of them at least 100 meters. 

Also to prepare for Juan's baptism...The font has still not been emptied since the last missionaries baptized, and we could not get the pump to work, so we ended up taking out the rest of the water in buckets.

Also I had intercambios with the elders in my district because they were going to baptize 2 people. But it was super sad because both of them did not end up getting baptized. The first one, we got to his house to do the interview, but when we saw the guy, he was completely drunk. It was super sad the other missionary that had been teaching him also got really discouraged seeing him like that. Then I went to the other guys house and I was able to interview him. Everything was going super well. This guy was so excited to get baptized on saturday, also the rest of his family was going to get baptized in 2 weeks. I was getting to the end of the interview when I learned that this guy still needs to work on obeying the word of wisdom. I was so sad because I wanted so bad for this guy to get baptized but I knew that I could not give him the green light. I told him that it would be better if he could wait to be baptized because that way he could get baptized together with his family and it would give him 2 weeks to keep preparing. He was disappointed, but said that he was going to keep preparing. But the elders in my district told me that now this guy is just super sad and doesnt even want to recieve the missionaries anymore. They told me that it seems like he is hiding from them. I feel really sad because this guy was so excited to get baptized and now a drastic change has happened. It was also sad because he and his family didnt got to church even though they go every sunday. I really hope that he can get excited again about the gospel.
Anyways I love you all so much. See you in a month

Elder Snyder

Cleaning the Font

My Water balloon launcher

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