Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 25: Another Temple Dedication in Mexico - Tijuana Temple

Elder Salomon and I
bueno!! (that is how everyone answers the phone here)

Thanks for the updates. I totally forgot that back home there is a christmas choir. And I am happy to hear that so many people participated. We also had our christmas choir performance yesterday. The only thing is that I think back home everyone can sing a little better. haha! No, but it was really good. I really love hearing all the different hymns in spanish. Also it was really cool because all the different wards in the stake had their own part. Sadly, we didnt get to participate, but it was cool to see all the different wards participate. There also were not any special musical numbers just choirs from different wards. Also it was really awesome because there were a bunch of people from Macapule that went. They are not in our stake but alot of them went because they have family members that were singing. But is was really awesome to say hi to all the people from my old ward. 

Also this Sunday we had the dedication of the tijuana temple!!! It is so awesome and cool that in my mission I have now seen 2 dedications of temples and both are in mexico. It was really cool because the whole time Elder Uchtdorf was making little jokes. He really is hillarious. And it was funny because all the americans would laugh first because the rest of the people had to wait for the translator. 
One of the things President Uchtdorf said that I really liked. He said that translatores are like the holy ghost if you listen closely you can hear and understand the message that is being taught. Or something like that :) 

Libertad is really awesome. We dont have that many investigators, but we have alot of members and they all want to help, so that is really great. Also I think I forgot to say that Elder Tice, my companion from the CCM is in my ward, so we see each other pretty often. Libertad is also alot bigger than Macapule. I have not seen what our sacrament meeting is like because of the temple dedication, but I will see this week. 

This Pday was the first time that we actually did something really fun. My comp and I, my old zone leaders and the missionaries in my district all met at the church this morning and we all played soccer for a while. It was really fun to play and to just hang out and talk with the other Elders that are serving here. 

That is so awesome that you were able to show the Savior is Born video at the choir performance. We have the video in spanish but it is not as good because the words dont match with what the people are saying. Alot of the Latino missionaries like to see it more in english rather than in spanish. haha. 

Here in Mexico christmas seems the same as it is back home. Everyone has christmas trees a few people have christmas lights and it is awesome because there is a family that has invited us to have carne asada with them this christmas. 

And, Yes, I opened my first gift today, and we put the lights in front of our door. My companion said that we should make an M with the lights above our door. And I was like "Why M? for Missionaries?" and he responded, no "M" for Merry Christmas haha. It was just funny because this whole time we were speaking spanish. 

As for my christmas call, our president has told us that we can talk for 50 minutes and that we can use the computer of a member to call. So I think we are going to call from the house of a member, but as for the time we dont know yet because we are going to do whatever works best for the member.
Well that is about it. I love you all so much and I am so excited to talk to you all on christmas. 
Con mucho amor
Elder Snyder

A blind man who is a recent convert here in Libertad. He came to the Temple dedication with us.
Me and Elder Tice and our companions.
Christmas package arrived safely and all 12 days of Christmas presents were there. :)