Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 32: We are all part of the Restoration!

Me and Elder Tellez
So this week we had a special meeting with the President with 2 zones. My old zone and my zone. It is kind of nice to always be in contact with my old zone and to ask how everything is going in Macapule. In this zone conference, we mainly talked about how we can apply the fundamentals of preach my gospel more in our lessons and in everything that we do. 
Then after we had intercambios with our zone leaders. And this time I stayed and our new zone leader, Elder Loveland, came to Libertad. Elder Loveland is from my generation so it was really nice to talk with someone who has been out the same amount of time and it was fun to hear about things in Obregón (that's where he was before) because I dont really know anything about Obregón because I have been in Los Mochis all this time. 

This sunday, I had to give a talk in sacrament. And it went alot better than the first time I had to give a talk. I spoke about mission work and how it is for all members not just missionaries. And one of the things that I have really come to recognize is that we are all part of the restoration of the church. Sure the restoration happened with Joseph Smith almost 200 years ago, but that is not all of the restoration. Another part of it is bringing the knowledge of the restored gospel to everyone in the world. It is such a blessing to be in the very center of it, but also it is something that everyone can do…share the gospel by word and by example. I am so happy to be apart of the restoration of this gospel. I wish that I had more people that would listen to this great message, but that only means that we have to continue working so that we can find them and share this message of happiness. The true Church of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth and we are so lucky to be a part of it. 

One of my favorite scriptures that I have read is in 3 nephi 19: 9 where it says that what the people desired more than anything was that they could be given the gift of the Holy Ghost. And how lucky are we that we can receive this gift "that which they desired most" when we are 8 years old!

So this week was kind of hard... we have been doing alot of contacting and looking for people to teach. And this Sunday we were expecting a few of our investigators to come to church and we even had families from the ward that were going to pass by their homes to ensure that they came, but unfortunately, even that didn't help. We were so sad when none of them came to church. Like I said earlier, we had intercambios this week with the zone leaders…maybe they thought we weren't working hard enough or just wanted to help us. But the zone leader and I spent the whole day contacting people and we didnt find a single person who said that we could pass by another day. We taught a few lessons, but that was all. And so Elder Tellez and I were like,  well our zone leaders didnt find anyone either, so at least they now know that our area is kinda difficult. But we are happy. We walk a little more than we should, and we dont teach as many people as we would like, but we are talking with everyone and always looking for people to teach. This week we have intercambios again with our district leader because now he wants a turn to find people and hopefully we will find them. Pray for us. 

Oh yeah, and I bought a keyboard and it is awesome. I got it really cheap. I went to a pawnshop here in Mochis and found this excellent keyboard. It is made by Casio, which is a pretty good brand and it didnt cost too much. And it is really nice to be able to practice piano again. After we finish planning at night we usually have like a half hour or so and I use that time to practice. I have started with the easy hymns and they are pretty fun because i can learn a song in about 10 minutes.  But yeah I really like it. Hopefully it will not become a burden during transfers, but I have heard of other missionaries who have keyboards and have done the same, so I'm not too worried.  

Love you all so much thanks for everything
Elder Snyder

With Elder Loveland in my PINK room.