Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week 36: Transfers! Staying in the Cuidad Los Mochis Mission

With Elder Tellez and Flor and her mom and the other Elders in our ward

Buenas tardes mi amada familia!

Well this week we had cambios and what do you think happened!? Well Elder Tellez and I both guessed that we were going to stay the same, but it turns out that Elder Tellez has been transferred. So I am going to stay here in Libertad. We were both a little sad because Elder Tellez and I got along really well. Elder Tellez has been one of the best companions that I have had in the mission. Elder Tellez was a little sad because he said, "man I feel like the ball of the mission, I just keep getting kicked around and sent to all the different corners of the mission." So today, we had the crazy day of going to the bus station, saying goodbye to everyone that was leaving, and hi to everyone that was arriving.

My new companion is Elder Lopez. He is from Aguas Calientes. And he is going to finish his mission pretty soon. He only has 3 cambios left. I will try to send pictures tomorrow. 
This week Elder Tellez and I finally were able to teach a family that we found our first week together.  They have been working so much this entire transfer, so we have not been able to teach them. They all accepted a baptismal date, but they have not yet gone to church with us. And this Sunday, they told us that they were going to go, but when we went by to pick them up none of them were ready to go. It was super sad. We were going to have 5 people that were going to come to church, but none of them came. Super sad! That Satan and that darn agency.

But I am happy that I didnt get transferred. I get to continue to serve my mission in the Cuidad Los Mochis Mission. haha! But Everyone in the mission says that Los mochis is one of the best places that you can get sent, because the weather is nicer and the city is alot cleaner. Also I dont really want to leave because now I know the city very well. I will feel very lost if I go somewhere else, but I am sure that someday I will have to leave.

I am glad you all liked the video of Bonnie. That dang dog always has so much energy in the morning. Well this letter is a little short but I am sure that I will have alot more to talk about with my adventures with Elder Lopez.

CuĂ­dense mucho
Les amo
Elder Snyder