Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 69: Standing Room Only at the Casa de Oración!!

Our Mexican Sunset

Well to start things off, this week went well. Yussen passed his baptismal interview and is going to be baptized this saturday. So we are so happy for him. And it definitely helps to lift your spirits as a missionary to know that someone is getting baptized. :) Also Elder Salazar and I get along pretty well. He has the same amount of time as me and I already knew him pretty well because he has always been in Sinaloa like me. He is from Mexico City, and he speaks english really well. But for the most part we always speak in spanish. 

This week we also had our zone conference with President Myers and his wife. They made us do exercise in the morning. It was really funny because all the elders were complaining that they never do cardio. But we all ended up sweaty right before the conference. But the conference was really good. President Myers talked about obedience, but in a different way. Recently alot of people have been complaining that missionaries are not being obedient because they are not following the rules that president Munive established. (President Munive was really strict with alot of things) But president Myers explained that he didnt change any of the rules, that the only rules he has are in the white handbook. And he said that his goal is not to force everyone to be obedient, but he wants everyone to choose to be obedient. He said that his goal is that we can learn to be obedient in the mission so that after the mission we will continue to be obedient. I honestly feel so loved by president Myers and his wife. They are the best. Then after the meeting they made us all sandwiches. They know the best way to win the Elders' hearts. 

Also this sunday we had a branch conference. So we had to load everyone from 4 milpas up in the pick-up truck and bring them to Rosales. It was also really exciting because President Myers, his wife, and his son came to the branch conference. We filled the casa de oración!! We had 64 people that went! There were so many people there were not enough seats for everyone! Also I was really happy because someone who we have been reactivating came to church. She always works sundays...that is why she cant come to church. But we asked her to switch with someone at work so that she could come. She told us that she tried but her friend didnt want to switch. But then she said, "I know that something will work out before sunday." And she came! It was so great. 

Then we ate lunch with the branch president and his family, along with the Myers family and the district presidency. It was a full house. My companion and I were mainly talking with president Myers' son. He is learning spanish but he does not like to practice. So he always talks with us in english. Then afterwards Hermana myers brought us back to our area. Then we started working for a little bit and during one of the lessons that we were having, I started to feel sick. So we went back to the house and I started to feel worse. I had a fever and I felt really weak. So I had my companion give me a blessing and then I went to sleep. I had a long night and did not feel well. Then in the morning I felt a little better, but I still also felt really sick. So I have been laying down pretty much all day today. My back really hurts because I have been in my bed all day. I really hope that I feel good enough to work tomorrow. It really sucks being sick. But I am grateful that I dont get sick too often. 

But that was pretty much our week. Pretty normal… except I got sick. :(

But I miss you all so much. I can't wait till we get to skype. I cannot believe how quickly the time goes by. 
les amo mucho
Elder Snyder

p.s. Really quickly... I remembered something really cool that happened in the week. So one of the members in Rosales told us to go talk to a man at this seafood shop because he said that he has been reading the book of mormon. So we went to go find this guy and when we got there his wife said to me, "I know you." She said that I was the one that gave her the book of mormon about a year ago. I then started thinking and I remembered her. Elder Ochoa and I gave her the book of mormon in the street because she said that she wanted to read the scriptures but that she didnt have a bible. So we never heard from her again until now. It looks like her husband is actually the one reading it. Only it seems like he is not really reading the book for the right reasons. He says that he has been searching the internet for the cities in the Book of Mormon but that there is no evidence of them. He also says that the book only talks about war and bloodshed, but he says he wants to finish reading. We are going to come by another day and see if he is still interested. But I thought that was a really cool thing that happened this week. 
that is all 

Another picture from our soccer game last week