Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 26: 5 Days till Christmas and a baptism!!

Nancy's Baptism
Well we had a baptism this week. Woohoo! Nancy was baptized this Saturday and it was really great. We were a little scared that not that many people were going to show up because it was the ward temple trip this weekend and there was a big youth conference thing for all the youth that live in the mission. But it all turned out to be okay. Many people came and all was well. It is also really sad because her parents and grandparents are members but they are inactive and they dont really want to reactivate so they dont really help Nancy with much.

And we are going to hopefully have another baptism this week. Woohoo! The daughter of one recent convert. We read Alma 18 with her and explained what the chapter means and after, we challenged her again to be baptized and she accepted. So, hopefuly we will baptize her this saturday also.
This week we had our ward posada or christmas party. They asked us when we arrived if we as missionaries could all sing silent night. But it started really late, so we didnt really have much time to do things there. We just sang our song and then left and we were still a little late getting back to our house. 

We are really struggling to find people to teach here. And after we baptize these two people we are hardly going to have anyone to teach. We are contacting alot of people in the street but we are hardly recieving people to teach. This week we recieved more references for the area of our district leader than for our own area. And in this time of year there is hardly anyone here. Everyone is leaving to go visit their family. We have had so many people tell us that we have to wait to pass by until January because everyone is leaving. So ya we have alot of contacting to do in the new year. 

Also we are all excited because tomorrow is la posada por la misiĆ³n. So all the missionaries in Los Mochis will be getting together. We are not really sure what this entails because we have heard that we are going to have a bunch of trainings, but we are not really sure. Hopefully it wont be all trainings. 

Today we all played soccer at the church with our district and some of the youth from Libertad. Then we went to Sam's Club and bought a pizza and as we were leaving we saw Elder Ochoa. He says that he has been doing well in Macapule and that they have investigators that are attending church. 

But not to much really happened this week. I am so excited to get to skype with all of you. I think that I am going to try and skype at about 3 pm here more or less. We are going to be in the house of the member that lives below us so we shouldn't have any problems connecting. Just send me your skype username so that I can make an account and call. 

I am super excited to see and talk with you all. Love you so much.
Elder Snyder

At Our Ward Christmas Party
Our apartment - we live in the upstairs of a member's home
My desk
Our kitchen

The dog that always "greets" us whenever we go in and out of our apartment. 
View from our apartment