Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 49: Transfers - It's Pueblo Time!

Hello everyone!
It feels really good to finally be 20. Even though it feels like nothing has changed other than the fact that I speak spanish. I loved the video that you sent me. It made me laugh that you still have that sign of we love Elder Snyder and that on the back you made a feliz cumplea├▒os sign. 

Well my Bday in Sochiloa was really uneventful. The morning didnt start off too well when we arrived at church to only see 11 people there. The bishop had to wait like 15 minutes to start the meeting because there wasnt enough people with the priesthood there. But at the end of the meeting there were about 50 people that came. Also we were really happy because our investigator, Luis, came. He is dating one of the youth in the ward and he is excited to get baptized. We just hope that his dad lets him get baptized. But none of the members knew that it was my birthday, but all of our investigators invited us over to have cake next saturday. 
But to answer the big question about transfers... both Elder Tellez and I got transferred!! They sent hermanas to Sochiloa and they kicked us out.  And they sent Elder Tellez to the ward that is across the street, so he will still be able to teach the salazar family. I know that they are going to get baptized. but anyways, as for me, I have been sent to a Pueblo. haha. I was honestly really scared, but now I am pretty excited. My companion is Elder Ramirez. He is from MexiCali and he has been on the mission for a while now. He only has like 3 or 4 transfers left. I am in a pueblo that is like an hour away from los mochis...So yes, I have returned to my home in Mochis. But there is literally not much here. There are no big stores. only little tiendas. My companion told me that we go to mochis about once a month on pday to buy a bunch of food in Walmart or Sams. 
But the name of the pueblo is Cuatro Milpas. And our area is huge. So to compensate, we have bikes and my companion tells me that we have some investigators that live like an hour bike ride away. But it is going to be really interesting to be here. I will need to learn how to work in a pueblo because it is not the same as a ward. My companion says that here we have to do everything. We assign the talks at church, and when the people dont show up, we give the talks, and we teach the class in sunday school too. Also there is no 3rd hour of church because there are not enough people for the other organizations. But I know that I am going to learn so many things here.
It is also starting to get hot, so I am going to start to smell worse. :( But such is the life of a missionary in ciudad Obreg├│n. 

That is exciting about Aubrey's mission call. She is going to have fun learning a new language. Those days were honestly the most humbling days of my life. I am very happy that they are over. Oh and I think that I am in the same district as Elder Lowry. 
I also recieved Omas bday package. I am super excited about the new socks. I need more. You can never have too many socks on the mission. Also for the 20 bucks. That will be helpful. 

But a lot of crazy thinks are happening. I am in a pueblo, we are changing mission presidents this month, and my friend Elder Wilkinson from my district in the CCM just became an AP.

I am going to be needing a lot of your prayers this transfer, but I am excited for the new things that I am going to learn with this experience.
Con Mucho Amor
Elder Snyder