Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 19 - "All Spanish From Here On Out"

Hola Familia,

Loved the Halloween pictures. Looks like it was super fun and your mexican pumpkins were pretty hilarious. Here in Mexico, it is called día de los muertos (Day of the Dead), but I honestly didn't notice a difference from any other day. Everything seemed completely normal to me. The only difference these past two days is that there has not been anyone home or in the calle (street). On weekends, it is much harder to find people in their houses because everyone leaves to visit family. And especially this week with día de los muertos. So we have walked around in the calle and literally have not seen anyone. 

But my first week with my new companion went very well. Elder Ochoa is hilarious. Literally everything he says makes me laugh. Also he does not speak any english so it will be all spanish speaking from here on out. He has been a member of the church for a year and 6 months and he and his brother are the only active members in his family. But he is so fun. One thing we have in common is that we both like spongebob. It is especially hilarious to hear him quote it in spanish. I dont know why, but some things are just funnier in spanish. 

So, I finally had my first interview with the president en miércoles (on Wednesday). It was very cool to speak with the president. He told me that he has been praying for me more than any other missionary because he has given me alot of responsiblity. It was really cool to be with him and I hope to be able to do my best to serve here. He also told me that I no longer have an extra hour of language study, so we now have to leave the house at 1030. Which doesnt seem like alot but going from leaving at 12 to leaving at 1030 has been a huge change. We have also been contacting more because we need to find more people to teach. We were both really sad this saturday because we fasted that our investigatores would come to church but none of them did :( It is just so dang hard for people to come to church. That is honestly like the hardest commandment for them. 

But that has just about been our week. Alot of contacting in the street. But today we went shopping. And it was pretty awesome. There is a Suburbia (basically a Mexican Walmart) in our area, so we went there to look for pants and ties. Well they didnt have any ties but they had pants. And the best part was they were on sale for like 135 pesos. It was incredible. Then when we got home Elder Ochoa taught me how to hem my pants. And they actually turned our really good. (So you dont have to worry mom, haha!) But that was about our week. Not to many things happened this week just alot of walking.

I hope that everyone is doing well at home. Love you all so much.
Con muchísimo amor
Elder Snyder