Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 38: Pirate Missionaries

Treasure Hunt Missionary Activity! Haha!

¡Bueno! Familia
So it seems like everyone was super busy this week. I am so happy that our cousins got to come visit. It looks like everyone had such a great time.

So this week was super fun with our ward mission activity. Our ward mission leader and his wife are so awesome. They made planning this activity easy because they basically did everything for us. We just had to invite everyone. When we got to the church to help set up for the activity Cecy (our ward mission leader´s wife) had brought costumes for all of the missionaries. So we all dressed up as pirates. I look half pirate half Slash, haha! But the activity was super fun. We had about 60 members from the ward go and they brought 10 of their friends to the activity so they did a good job of inviting people to come. And everything went according to our plan. I told everyone how it was going to work in my last letter. But one of the games that I really enjoyed was that at one station all the girls had to tie a tie on one of the guys on their team and if they didnt know how, (and pretty much all of them did not know how) the guys had to explain to them how to do it. It was pretty funny. Then when they won all their pieces of the map they could start searching for the mini treasure chests that we had hidden in the church. Each chest had a key and one of these keys would open the lock to the big treasure chest that we had in the cultural hall. And it was super funny when they opened the big treasure chest to only find Books of Mormon. Everyone's faces were filled with disappointment, haha! But what did they really expect?  It is a ward mission activity. haha!
And after that we passed out the Books of Mormon to everyone that attended and they all had to think of the person that they were going to give the book to in that moment. Then they had to write their testimony in the book and this week they have to give the book to the person they wrote down. And we have a list of everyone that went so now we just have to keep following up with everyone.
But then on Sunday, it was super disappointing because none of our investigatores went to church. It is so frustrating when all week we teach them and prepare them and in the end they dont go to church. Jesus Cota didnt go because one of his sons arrived from the united states and he wanted to spend the whole day with his family. And Ramiro, we passed by his house about an hour before church and he told us he was going to go. We even had a friend pass by to go pick him up. But he didnt end up coming. We later learned that night that during the day, he had a big fight with his mom. :( Hopefully we can help Ramiro, and teach his Mom about the gospel and how it can help them. 

And today we went to parque Sinaloa. I went once with Elder Lowry, but it was in Agosto (August) and I was dying of how hot it was. So this time it was alot more enjoyable. But there is not really much more to do here on Pdays. We sometimes spend the day in downtown just looking at all the shops but other than that, we just eat with other missionaries on Pday.
Well, I love you all so much. Thank you so much for your letters of advice. They really help me. Thanks for all your prayers and all that you do. I hope that everyone has seen the new video the church has put out for Easter.  It is pretty awesome!
les amo
Elder Snyder

At the Parque Sinaloa