Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 24 - Transferred!

Saying Goodbye at the bus station.
So alot of things happened this week. Hermana Richardson finished her mission and she left for Obregón on friday. And we also recieved our cambios. 

So to answer the big question... Yes! I have been transferred. I am still in los mochis :) but I am in Libertad B with Elder Salomon. A different stake and ward, but I am happy and sad at the same time. I am happy because I get to change areas and I dont have to contact the same people over and over again. But I am sad that I have to leave right before Christmas and I am going to miss all the members that I have come so close to over these past few months. But the crazy thing is that Elder Tice and Elder Reid are in my district. The same people that were in my district in the CCM. 

Elder Salomon is 22 years old and is a recent convert to the church. He's from Monterey, Mexico and he is pretty cool. I am also the senor companion here because Elder Salomon just finished his training. It is very crazy... our district is so young.

But our house is so awesome! I cant wait to take pictures and send them to you. It is so much bigger. haha We live in a house that is right above a member, who also has a daughter that is on a mission. But ya, there is actually space! It is so awesome. I dont really know too much about Libertad, but I am really exited to be here. Elder Ochoa is kind of freaked out that I have been transferred, he says because he doesnt know the area very well, but he knows the area more or less. So when everyone has transfers, we all meet in the bus station because it is the only place that everyone knows. So we went to the bus station, and I found my new companion and we said goodbye to all the missionaries that were leaving. Then we left and went to our house in Libertad because all the missionaries that were in Obregón werent going to arrive for a while. Then while I was unpacking my stuff, we got a call. It was from Elder Ochoa and he was asking me what the name of the street is that we live on. Ahhh! Hopefully he will be alright in Macapule. haha!

I am doing really well. In the beginning, for me the mission was pretty hard. Thankfully, I had an American companion that could understand me and communicate, but still I could not understand anyone when I arrived, and I was always so dang tired. The first month of my mission, I was practically falling asleep in our lessons because I could not understand anything. But I think that happens for everyone who serves a mission in a different language. But now, I am doing really great. I can understand everything that people are saying, and I can pretty much say anything I want in Spanish.  Its not perfect, but I still have a lot of time to perfect my Spanish. :) But truthfully, I am enjoying my mission. Yes, it is really hard, but I am happy and enjoying it.

As missionaries here we are doing everything we can to get the members excited about sharing the church's Christmas video, "A Savior Is Born." So if there is anything that you can do for the missionaries in your ward, I know that they would really appreciate it. 

Well that is about it. Thanks for the pictures, and I am so excited to see you all on christmas! :)

Con mucho amor
Elder Snyder

With Carlos and Lolita. Going to miss these great ward members. 
Got my Christmas Package!

Reunion with my friends from the CCM