Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 46: Skyping and smiling!

Well I loved every moment of the skype call. After I finished calling, my mouth was so tired from smiling for an hour straight. haha! It was pretty cool that you could hook up the skype to the TV and it really was awesome to get to see everyone.  And you dont have to worry about me being homesick. I have been very blessed that it isnt really an issue for me. I love being here in Mexico sharing the gospel. I wish that I was having a little bit more success, but I am still super happy regardless. 

Here on the mission I feel like I have discovered a new part of my life that I did not know existed. The only thing I can think about is how I can share the gospel with these people and help our investigators to see the importance of baptism. I feel like I have discovered a whole new purpose to my life. 

Well our ward mission leader is ... inactive. I have never met him before, so we kind of work alone in our ward. Elder Tellez told me that he is like 20 years old and he was going to go on a mission but his stake president told him that he could not go for health reasons. We have started talking with the members more, so we are becoming friends and we hope that they will help us later on. 

I spoke in church on Sunday. I think the ward asks the missionaries to speak every time a new one arrives, so I dont think that I will be speaking again, or at least for a little while. But I actually really like speaking in church now. I get kind of excited that I can teach the ward members and the investigators. 

But everything is going well here in the mission. Keep praying for us and the Salazar family. They are awesome and we need all the help that we can get. We want them to get baptized before the end of the month. But we are going to need a lot of miracles for that to happen. 

Well i love you all so much. Thanks for everything.
Te amo