Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 98: Kind of a rough week

My Companion, Elder Martinez, made this poster for our church building
Hey I am super excited to talk with you guys this sunday. I was thinking about calling at 4 so let me know as soon as you can if that works out or if you need me to call later or something. 

This week we had kind of a rough week. We struggled a lot more to find new investigators but our plan is to start working with the members more in order to have more people to teach that start to progress. Juan is super awesome. He is so ready to be baptized and he has all the support from his wife and from his in-laws. They have been helping a lot but he is all set and commited for his baptismal date may 20th. Our only problem right now is finding baptismal clothes that will fit him. He is kind of a big dude but we are going to figure it all out this week so that it all works out. 

As for Jesus we were not able to teach him this week. For the first few days he was never home. Then on Saturday we finally found him but he was completely drunk. His family told us that he has problems drinking and that he has been drinking this entire week and that was why we could not find him. We also went yesterday but he was still drunk. It was really sad because we want to help him but we cant do anything when he is drunk. 

Also this sunday it was super interesting because my companion tried to "kill" me. So there we were, riding our bikes to go visit someone. And we were riding our bikes side by side so that we could talk along the way, when all of a sudden, bam!!! Elder Martinez slams right into me. There was honestly nothing that I could do to save myself from falling so I did the only thing I could and jumped from my bike to avoid getting smashed in between the ground and my companion. I was able to catch myself with my hands but I still ended up laying down on the ground. I am not going to lie,  I was pretty upset at my companion because it was not the first time that he has not been careful and crashed into me, but this was the first time that he has knocked me over. So I get up and went to brush the dirt off of my shirt but then saw that it had a few drops of blood on it. and I was like, "oh great my elbow is bleeding also" but when I went to lift my sleeve I realized that it was my palms that were filled with blood and a bunch of dirt. At this point I was just ignoring everything that my companion was saying to me because I was just really mad that he knocked me over and that I was the one that had to pay the consequences. So then I got on my bike and was like, "lets got to the pharmacy," because I wanted to buy bandages and alcohol to clean myself up. But then when i got on my bike, I realized that my pedal was bent so much that it was hitting the bike frame and it could not turn all the way around. So then we had to go walking and we were kind of far away from everything. But it turned out that the closest house to us was our investigator Juan. So we went to his house and I was able to wash my hands. Then we left our bikes at his house and we walked to the red cross because it was super close to his house. But I was very disappointed in their service because they did not help me at all. They just sprayed water mixed with disinfectant spray and didnt even give me a bandage. I was like, "you are not going to wash the dirt out or anything?" they then told me that I can go home and wash my hands with soap and that would get the dirt out. I then asked them if I could just wash my hands at one of their sinks and they told me that they didnt have any. I dont understand how the red cross does not have a sink but I just left and went back to juans house. Then he and his wife helped me out. They gave me alcohol and a bandage. Alot more than the red cross did for me. But yeah that was the exciting thing that happened yesterday.

Today we went to Huatabampo to hang out with the missionaries in my district. We bought a pizza and hung out with some of the members in Huatabampo. It was pretty funny because we did not have bikes to get around, so I had to use my mexican skills that I have been aquiring for the past 2 years. I had one of the missionaries from Huatabampo sit on my handbars and I sat on the seat and was stearing the bike. It looked pretty funny but that is what it comes too. 
I love you all so much. I am so happy that I will be able to speak with you next sunday. Time flies so fast. 
con amor
Elder Snyder

p.s. they sent me my flight plan. I am going to forward it to you. :)

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