Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 74: Happy Thanksgiving from Alameda!

My District
Well it sounds like you all had a very great week. i am so glad that you all got to get together this week. It is so cool seeing pictures of all the family together. I cannot believe how much everyone has grown. It kind of scares me a little bit, but I am so excited for when I will see you all again this christmas. The BYU game sounds like it was a blast. I cannot believe that it is already thanksgiving time. I had almost forgotten because we do not have that holiday here. 

But anyways Alameda is super awesome. My companion is super cool too. The branch is a little more organized here and the members here are really great also. The attendance this sunday was 33. The branch still needs a lot of help with organization though. We still have to speak every sunday because the president has trouble assigning talks, but we have plans to help him with that. We also have a few people that we are teaching that have baptismal dates. We also have been helping the president with the member records and as a result we found that there are many kids that go to church, but have no records of their baptisms. We are searching for their records and if we cant find them they will probably have to be rebaptized. So we have a lot of technical problems here has well, haha. 

Besides that I love the area. We have half of the city of Guasave and all the little pueblos around it. But we have bikes so it is alot easier to travel around in the city. The only thing is that the cars scare me a little bit. I did not have to deal with cars in 4 milpas. One of the members here is this 16 year old kid who has a type of high functioning autism. But you know how like all autistic people have like a knack for something or that they are obsessed with one thing in particular. Well this kid Johan, is obsessed with Jesus Christ. It is the best. And he is always asking when is the second coming. But he always tells us how he loves Jesus Chirst because he is his Savior. Wouldnt it be great if we all had an obsession like his? But pretty much everytime he sees us he always asks us the one word question. when? 

My first week as a DL has been awesome as well. I love my district. My district has the zone leaders and the sister training leaders and us. So it is really easy. Everyone wants to work and everyone has a lot of experience in the mission. The sister missionaries are really funny as well. But we all had a pretty good first week. 

So this Pday the zone leaders and the sister missionaries invited us to their ward activity which was a sports activity. So we played basketball and volleyball with the other ward. And everyone was told that they had to bring their own food to the activity. So Elder Chavez and I decided to make pancakes for the missionaries in our district. So I made the pancakes and brought them to the activity in the little tuperware container that I had bought. Then the sisters brought juice and maple and we ate the pancakes. We also shared with all the other ward members there. But everyone said that that they like our pancakes. 

Then we went exploring in this park that is in guasave. It turns out that it has a mini zoo. So I took some pictures of all the animals that we saw. The racoons were especially funny because Elder chavez would hang his camera out in front of them and they would try to grab it with their little hands. There is also a miniskate park there. So we messed arround with the bikes their and took a district picture in the half pipe. But all in all it was a pretty good day. We also wash our clothes with our landlord on monday. It is kind of a hassle because we have to wait until our landlord is ready and we cannot wash whenever we want but it is much better than renting a washing machine so I am not complaining. 

But that was my week. 
I miss you all so much. I hope that you all have a happy thanksgiving. 
Elder Snyder