Saturday, August 6, 2016

Week 58: More adventures in 4 Milpas, a new investigator, and Tarantulas!!

So this week was very interesting. So for the past few weeks we have not had the highest indicators. That could be because of the many responsiblities that we have, and the fact that we have to work in 2 areas. So the Assistants want to check to see what we have been doing. So last tuesday, we had intercambios with one of the Assistants. Elder Wilkinson came to see the glory of 4 Milpas and the day was pretty normal. We found one new person to teach and we are hoping to see progress with her as the time goes on. But it was cool to talk with Elder Wilkinson for the first time since the CCM. But when he came, he could tell that we were working. We may not have the same indicators as other missionaries in other areas, but he could tell that we teach well and with the spirit. 

We also had interviews with president Myers the following day, Wednesday. It was so awesome. I love him and his wife. They are so supportive. Instead of getting mad at what we are not doing, they tell us the good things and help us to know what we can do to improve. My interview was awesome. I had it in english. But President Myers said that he knows we are doing a good job because he said that since the moment we met him (the night when we were racing on our bikes) he said, that he felt the spirit when we came to meet him and his wife. He also told me to enjoy my time here in 4 Milpas because on his mission his favorite areas were the small little towns. He also told me that in the tiny little branches is where the missionaries are needed most. And it is true. Pretty much all the wards can function without the missionaries. But in the branches, if their are no missionaries the members start to go inactive. And it is true. Pretty much everything that we do here is to help the members and to strengthen their testimonies. 

Then on friday, we went to Rosales to paint the house of one of the members. It turned out really good if I dont say so myself. We painted the outside of the house, purple and pink. The member´s son always jokes that it looks like Barney´s house. haha. But afterwards her son made us homemade pizzas. He let us help prepare them by putting on the cheese and all the toppings. I hope to someday learn how to make them because they were so good. 

Then Saturday we had a super long day. In the morning, they cut the water from our house again. So we had to wait until like 11 till the water came back to shower. We almost showered with purified water because the options were getting slim. Then we had to go to Rosales in the morning because our phone fell out of my pocket, and we had to go get it back. Then we went to the comida (lunch appt.) and the member that prepares the comida for us had to work, so she had her children prepare it for us. And they are a really poor family so all we had to eat was a bowl of rice and tortillas. 

Then we had to go back to the house because in the morning something very strange happened to the lock for our front door. In the morning, we locked the door to leave. Then immediately after, I tried to open the door to go get something that I left inside, but the lock would not open. The key would spin and spin in the lock but it would not move the dead bolt. So in the afternoon, we had to use our criminal minds to break into our own house. 

Plan A: We tried to dismantle the lock from the outside of the door. But after a few minutes we saw no progress. So we moved on to plan B

Plan B: we borrowed a screwdriver from the neighbors and started to take the screen off from the windows. (Remember that all of our windows have bars arround them to keep people from breaking in. People like us haha.) So our plan was to open the window and use a stick to push the deadbolt to the unlocked position. But after taking the screen off of the window. We ran into another problem. The window would not open.

Plan C: So we moved on to the window that was right next to it. We took of the screen off and opened the window. We then saw that someone had placed a bar on the inside to keep the window in plan B from opening. So we decided to try and remove the bar so that we could open the other window. So Elder Ramirez was trying to bend one of the bars that guards the outside of the window so that we could fit in the window more easily. But to our surprise the bar broke right off. 

Plan D: With the bar that had broken off from the outside. We then realized that the space was large enough for someone to squeeze through. So I then helped lift Elder Ramirez in through the window and he was able to get on the inside of the house. 

Plan E: After trying to open the door from the inside the deadbolt still would not move. So Elder Ramirez decided to dismantle the lock from the inside. And after taking out all of the screws we were finally able to take the lock off of the door and open it. 

We were very grateful for the little miracle we had when the lord broke the bar that guards the outside of the window so that we could enter. But after getting inside we decided that we had to buy a new lock right away because hello, we live in Mexico and you cannot leave your door unlocked in Mexico. So we went to the store and bought and installed our new lock. But that was the drama of Saturday. 

Then on Sunday as we were riding back home from Rosales, we found a couple of Tarantulas on the trail. So we took a few cool pictures. Then we started to play with them. We tried to get two of them to fight each other but they didnt want to. Also FYI, they can run really fast. It is pretty terrifying!!!

But that was my week. I hope that it explains a few of the photos that I sent. 

But I love my area, it has taught me so much. I love this mission. I love you all and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Elder Snyder