Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 65: Service Project and a Screaming Pig!

The Mexico Moon
So yeah, this week went pretty well. We started the week off with exchanges with the DL. Our district leader´s name is Elder Arnold and he is super tall. We also always tease him by calling him "Hey Arnold!" like in the tv show. But the exchanges were good. This is the first time that Elder Arnold has been in a branch so he got to know that the work is a little different. Also our district is made up of branches and Elders. I really miss having sisters in the district because they bring alot more order to the meetings. With just Elders it ends up being a lot more joking around. But I have been in districts with just Elders pretty much my whole mission, so I am kind of used to it. 

Then on Thursday we had a branch activity that we organized to clean the casa de oración because the front and back was overgrown by weeds. We had the district president's family come to help and our branch president came with his truck and we filled the entire bed of his truck. So now it looks alot better.

Then on Saturday we killed the District President's pig. Yeah thats right...we killed this huge pig! The president called us in the morning and told us to come over because they were going to kill the pig. Then when we got their he asked us who wanted to do the honors. We were both unsure of who was going to do it. But when they pulled the pig out of the pen it just started screaming! I did not know that pigs could scream so loud! Honestly, it kind of scared me, so I backed out and let my companion attempt to kill it. First Elder Ramirez hit the pig in the head with the back of an axe but he did not do it hard enough so the pig did not die on the first swing. Then the District presidents son took the axe and hit the pig alot harder and it collapsed on the ground, but it still wasnt dead.  I'll spare you the rest of the details, but Elder Ramirez and the District President's two sons all helped to kill the pig. Then for the next few days we were always invited over to help eat it. 

But on a happier note, we now have 6 hours of church. We start in the morning in Rosales and at 3 in the afternoon in 4 milpas. It was the first Sunday that I wasnt going to have to speak in church. But when the Branch president was announcing the speakers he looked right at me and said "we will also here a message from Elder Snyder about baptism." So I had to prepare my talk while the other speakers were speaking. They only gave me like 15 minutes to prepare but I am kind of used to speaking each sunday so it was not to difficult. But I know that the Lord helped me alot because I could just feel the right words come to my mind as I was speaking. It was a pretty cool feeling. Then we ate lunch with the branch presidents family and then we went to 4 milpas to start the next meeting. 

We also had an investigator in each meeting so that was a plus. I dont know if it is just me being excited about the investigators or that I can feel the spirit alot stronger when there is an investigator present at church. Yussen is one of our investigators. He is the boyfriend of one of the members in Rosales. He is 24 and he is really smart. He is studying a second career right now. He has always wanted to listen to the missionaries but the missionaries in mochis haven't been able to follow up on our references, so we decided to teach him in the house of his girlfriend. He is really awesome, he has already read the book of mormon because his girlfriend gave it to him about a year ago and he has a baptismal date for 22 of october. 
We also had another investigator in 4 milpas. Her name is Dolores and this is the first time she has gone to church and she came because the schedule changed from 10 to 3. But we think that she felt the spirit. We have been trying to get her to church for quite a while so we hope she will start to progress a little more quickly. 

But that is about it. Not to much this week but still many adventures in 4 milpas. And we heard that another hurricane is coming so I hope that does not mess things up for us too much. 

Love you thanks so much for all the advice and keeping me updated. Have a great week. 

Con Amor 
Elder Snyder

Our Service Project: Clearing all the overgrown weeds from our little Casa de Oración.