Thursday, November 26, 2015

Week 22 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Hola family,
I love mondays too haha. And I love being able to write and read letters to finish off the day before we have to go work again. I am so excited to skype with you too…only one more month. And in answer to your question... I am pretty sure that there is no Thanksgiving here in mexico but tal vez si hay. 

The work here is going very slow... none of our investigators are progressing. None are going to church, and it feels like every time we have a member come with us to one of our appointments, our investigators are not home. Its annoying because we didnt have that many lessons with members this week, so then everyone is calling us and asking why dont you have more lessons with members and yeah all that. But yeah we are trying and that is what matters. :) 

One of the goals that I want to start with our district is to have a noche de hogar everyweek (FHE). Family home evenings are really the easiest way to have a lesson with multiple investigators at once and for the investigators to get to know someone in the ward. It is also a really easy way for members to get involved with missionary work and the missionaries…because it is really easy to invite friends to family home evening and then the members dont have to stress about preparing a lesson because the missionaries have that covered :) But ya, Noches de hogar always are successful. 

Oh, mom and dad,  I FINALLY RECEIVED YOUR PACKAGE!!!!!! yeah my package all of a sudden appeared at the church. Someone told me that there was a package in our church locker. And yeah, sure enough there it was. So you dont have to worry anymore haha. I am really greatful for the hymns made easy book. We went to the church today and I was able to practice piano again. 

Oh and we had intercambios con los lideres de zona. So that was fun...the zone leaders told me that I would be staying in Mochis, but when they arrived at our house in the morning they told us that I was leaving and going to del valle and that elder ochoa was staying. It was really funny because elder ochoa got all mad and I don't know... it is just really funny to hear people complain in spanish because they start talking alot faster than normal. But one of the best parts about going to del valle was that I got to eat the "monster dogg." There is one guy who is a member in del valle that has a hot dog stand and he sells this one dogg called the "monster dogg." He has bread specially made for this dogg because inside fits 4 sausages. It was so delicious. And I forgot my cable today so I cant send the picture but dont worry i will send a picture the next time I am at the church. 

Mom, you asked me to share what I am most grateful for this year…I am so grateful to be born and raised in a family that has the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. When we teach the principle of how the gospel blesses families, I think of our family and all the blessings that we have received because of the Gospel. Living with the Gospel in our lives is truly the only way to find lasting happiness. I am so grateful I was blessed to be born into our family and with the Gospel. I cannot even imagine how hard it would be for me to find it, if I had not been born with it, and I think of how I would have missed out on all the blessings that come from having the spirit to lead and guide us in our lives everyday. A mission really gives you another perspective, huh. ;)

Love you all so much, and I am so happy that you will all be celebrating Thanksgiving. 
Til next week!
Elder Snyder