Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 89: We are teaching a family!!!

Making Gorditas with Luisa

This week has been a week with much excitement. 
We have been focusing a family that has a lot of potential this week. They are a family of five. Their names are Rigo, Veronica, Brenda, Camila, and Valentina. They are really awesome. They always love it when we come to teach them. On Monday we went to teach them and we had a really great lesson. They also committed to going to church on Sunday. They also went to our branch FHE and they really liked it. Then on Friday they accepted to be baptized on april 8th. Then on sunday we passed by for them in the morning to confirm that they were going to go to church. But sadly they did not arrive. We passed by after church to ask what happened. They said that they had someone working on their house and they still had not finished when it was time to go to church and that they did not want to leave their house alone. But they said that they were going to go to church next sunday. 
Also on tuesday half of my district had to go to a meeting with the president in Los Mochis, so I decided to take the other half of my district out to breakfast. 
This week we have a zone conference with the president so that should be fun. 
And today we had a pretty great Pday. We started off the day by taking our friend Diego out to breakfast. He is one of the returned missionaries in the branch. He has been having a lot of difficulties in his family. (he is also the only active member in his family.) So we wanted to take him out to breakfast so that we could talk and cheer him up. Then in the afternoon we went to another member´s house. Her name is Luisa. She was inactive when we found her but now she is super happy and in love with the church. She also invited us over to teach us how to make gorditas. I made the dough and helped cook them. They ended up being super good. We also made a deal with Luisa. She has been having a hard time giving up tea. So we made a deal that we would not drink Coke, unless the members had already bought it for us, and that she would not drink tea. It is kind of funny. We will see how long it lasts because my companion loves coke :) 
I hope that you have a great week. 
Love you so much
Elder Snyder

Our church building

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