Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 88: A good week and more pictures of suspension bridges!! haha!

Another picture of a suspension bridge (haha!)  with my district

Well this week we had a pretty good week. We have been teaching some really great families. They are always so happy to receive us in their homes and they ask really great questions... we just cannot get them to come to church. It is really sad because they say they are going to come and then we call them in the morning and they tell us that they arent going to be able to. It is kind of frustrating, but we are doing the best that we can and I know the Lord knows that as well. We were also able to find a new family this week. We had contacted someone in the week and we realized that they lived really close to one of the members in the branch. So we went with this member so that she could come with us to help us teach her neighbor. So when we got to the house that we wanted to visit, they told us that they had visitors and that they could not meet with us right then. So when we thought we were going to go back to the members house and thank her for her help she said, " hey lets knock on the house next door, they are my neighbors too, right?" And as missionaries we are always like "why not." So we knocked on their door and they were really nice and let us in. They are a young family and we could not teach too much because they were kind of in a hurry to leave but it was still a good lesson. They told us that they are catholics (just like everyone else) but they said that we could come back again. But what I like most of this experience was how much this member helped us. Her name is Luisa and we found her about 2 months ago. We knocked on her door and it turns out that she is a member and has been inactive for like 10 years. She is 24 years old. She has been coming back to church and she loves it. She always tells us how she has completely changed her life and that she is much happier now. Also, she is super excited to help us out with missionary work. She is always looking for more people that we can teach, different activities that we can do, and how she can help improve the branch. I am glad we found her and the branch is a lot more fun with her around. 

We also had interviews with the president and a zone meeting. It was basically the exact same meeting that we had with all the mission leaders only this time with all the other missionaries. And it ended very well because the president decided to take everyone out to lunch. It was the best lunch of my life. We ate mixtas. For those of you who dont know a mixta is a steak taco but it is filled with melted cheese. They are like the best things that I have ever eaten and we got to have as many as we wanted. :)

Also this week Elder Sosa almost died, not really. It is actually a pretty funny story how it all happened. So we went to visit this family that lives super far away. We actually had the comida with them. They live like an hour away by bike. And the fastest way to get to their house is crossing the famous suspension bridge. So when we were going back to Guasave, Elder Sosa decided that he was going to cross the bridge on his bike. So he started going, but then his tire crashed into the side of the bridge and his bike made an immediate stop and Elder Sosa almost went flying over the handbars. Everything that was in his front pocket fell out including his nametag and the cell phone. The phone landed on the very edge of the bridge and almost into the water. Then when i realized that there wasnt any real danger i started to laugh :) Elder Sosa only got a little scratched up and nothing fell into the water. (We kind of wish that the phone would have fallen in so that we can get a new one but oh well) 
And this pday we had a district activity. Everyone in my district was jealous the last time that we went to Sinaloa de Leyva so we desided to go this time as a district. So yes there will be more pictures of suspension bridges!! haha! I know everyone thinks that it is funny that I always send pictures of the bridges, but it is because their are not that many more things to send pictures of!! :) So we went to a museum in Sinaloa de leyva of the worlds ugliest woman (Yes, its a real thing, I didn't make it up). I know that Sinaloa is famous for the beautiful girls but this time it also happened to have a museum of this woman. Her name is Julia Pastrana, and she was called the ugliest woman in the world, if you want to look her up on the internet. Then we went to the bridge. Then we walked to the top of this hill that is in the middle of the city. Then we ate lunch and went home. It was a pretty good pday . 
Well I love you all I hope that you have an amazing week. 
Elder Snyder

Museum of "World's Ugliest Woman"

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