Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Week 84: Broadcast, Baptism, Busses, and a Bridge

All the missionaries that I came out with that are serving in Sinaloa
Well many things happened this week. 
So we started off the week with our district meeting, then the next day we went to mochis to see the broadcast. It was super fun because I got to see all the other missionaries that are in Sinaloa. And because I have been in Sinaloa pretty much my entire mission, I pretty much knew everyone there. And we got to take a picture with all the missionaries in Sinaloa from my generation. But the broadcast was pretty crazy. They changed so many things about missionary work. They basically got rid of all of the key indicatores. Now they are not going to ask us how many lessons we had or how many street contacts. Now they are only going to ask for people who got baptized, those who attended church with a baptismal date, and the new investigators that we found that week. I think that it is so much better. The missionaries are going to be able to work more efficiently and they are going to be able to be responsible to the Lord for their work and not so much to the leaders. 

The next day we had interviews with president myers. It was pretty cool to talk with him. He started my interview thanking me for my service in the branches. (He has only seen me work in branches). He said that he was thankful for my enthusiasim and that I have not complained. He told me that many of the other missionaries complain about being in a branch. But it helped me feel good. We talked about some of the difficulties in the branch and he gave me some advice of what we can do. But mostly he told me to stay positive and that my success may not come in baptisms, but in helping other people in the branch. 

On Friday, I had my first baptismal interview which was pretty interesting. It was a really awesome experience. I loved the desire that this man had to come unto Christ. It was also interesting because he anwered yes to question 4, which is if you have committed a major crime. And when that happens you have to call the mission president to see what he wants to do. So I called president Myers and he asked me a couple questions about what this guy did trying to see if he had truly repented. Then he asked me the most important question of all. He asked me if I could feel the presence of the Holy Ghost while I was talking with this man. I told him that I honestly couldnt feel much because I had to do the interview outside and it was freezing cold. :) But I said that we had felt the spirit while we were talking. President myers also said that he could feel the spirit. He told me to ask this guy a few more questions about what he did to see if he had truly repented and that if I still felt the spirit that it would be okay to give him permission to get baptized. I can say that when I heard this man explain how he felt after he had repented, that I felt him describe the exact same feelings that I had felt when I had truly repented of my sins. I know that he has repented and is committed to change. I felt the spirit the whole rest of the interview and this man is going to get baptized this Saturday. Also it is super exciting because the rest of the district is going to have like 6 baptisms this week so I will get to do a bunch of interviews. What a blessing that is. Being able to see others come unto Christ first hand. 

Well that is all the spiritual side of my letter. What I did this pday was go to this one town called sinaloa de leyva. We went with the other missionaries in my district that live close by. It was pretty fun because it was something different from the everyday missionary life. But we got to cross a big suspension bridge that is kind of like the one that is in our area, but a lot better maintained. We saw a cool Catholic church too.

I am glad to hear that you all had a great and busy week. I love you so much. Next week is transfers. I think that I am going to stay in Alameda but who knows. 
Te quiero mucho
Elder Snyder

Not a whole lot of leg room on these Mexican busses
On the super long suspension bridge

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