Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 83: I Guess I Look Like Harry Potter

I got my haircut today by this woman who told me that I looked like harry potter. haha! I am 100% sure that this woman is crazy because she just talks and talks and when she asks you a question she does not even listen to what you have to say. But other than that random note…
Our week was kind of a rough week. We have still been looking for new people to teach. We found some people but as we started to teach them we realized that they weren't really that interested. Drugs are a big problem here. So many people in our area were all involved in drugs at one time or another. So many of the people we teach seem normal, but after a while we can tell that they dont listen to anything we say they just keep talking about random stories. So it has been pretty difficult to find people. 

You asked if I've gotten sick very much and the answer is no. Sure every once in a while I dont feel very well, but nothing that has been super painful that is really worth telling you about. So dont worry I have not been sick and the food here is amazing. Elder Sosa and I go out for tacos like once a week and they are delicious. I told Elder Sosa that when he finishes the Book of Mormon (for the first time) that I will take him out for tacos and buy him all the tacos he wants!!

Our branch is also still struggling. We are doing the best we can to help out the branch president, but it is really hard. We speak just about every Sunday. The rough thing is that I never have time to prepare anything to speak on because the president will usually let us know that we are going to speak during the announcements. I'm using a lot of my talks from 4 milpas. 
But other than that we are still working hard in the branch. We have been organizing the branch council for the president (because the branch has not had one in years) and it was going to be this Sunday, but we had to cancel it because the branch presidents grandma died the day before and the funeral service was going to be on sunday the same day as the branch council so we decided to postpone it. One of the returned missionaries from the branch is finally getting a calling in the ward as secretary. Finally the president is going to have someone else to help him. 

This week we have a broadcast from the apostles that is for all the missionaries that are out serving. So on wednesday we have to travel to Mochis to see the broadcast. And because it is in Mochis we are going to have a big party with all the missionaries in Sinaloa. So it is going to be like a big reunion. Then the next day we all have interviews with president Myers so that should be good as well. Also one of the companionships in my district has a baptism planed for this Saturday. So I should get to have my first baptismal interview this week. I am pretty excited. 
And that is about it.

Love you so much
Elder Snyder

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