Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 71: Happy Halloween!

Hola and Happy Halloween
First of all I loved the pictures of all of your costumes. But props to Dad on dressing up as a blind referee. That is one of the most clever costumes I have ever seen. It made me laugh all the way here in mexico! haha! 
Unfortunately, this past week did not really go that well. We set a goal to find a bunch of new people this week, but we did not have that much success. Also this was one of the first weeks where we did not have any investigators at church. Also the church attendance went down a lot. But we are not discouraged. We both have gotten used to the mission life and know that these weeks happen and that things will always get better. 

Also since we have not had too much luck finding people to teach we have decided to try something different.  We want to start a bible study class since alot of people here are religious. Also a lot of people say that they want to learn English so we are thinking of making an English class also. We want to start publicizing it this week so that we can start. But hopefully doing something different will bring us different results. 

Here in mexico they have el día de los muertos that starts tomorrow. It is where they remember their ancestors that have passed away. But I will be sure to tell you next week what happens. 

This week I read something in the book of mormon that really touched my heart. I read the story of all of the lamanites that were converted to the truth. And that they were so faithful to their covanants that they buried all their weapons of war and were willing to die before committing sin. And that when the enemy armies came to destroy them they all knelt down in prayer thanking God for everything. And as they were praying their enemies slayed 1000 of them. But then their enemies were so humbled that they were able to recognize the wrongness of their actions. They then repented and it says that more people were converted to the truth in that moment than those that had died. Then we read the explanation that Mormon gives us that says that the Lord works in many ways for the salvation of his children. I know that this passage of scripture is true and I hope that one day we can all be as faithful as those Anti-Nephi-Lehis. 

I love you so much. Have a happy Halloween!!!
Elder Snyder

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