Thursday, October 6, 2016

Week 67: Conference and Transfers!

Me and my new companion with the Ward Mission Leader from Libertad

Well, as all of you know Conference was awesome! I got to see half of it in english and the other half in spanish and it was great.

We also had cambios (transfers) and Elder Ramirez went to home to Mexicali. So we had a few going away parties and a few cakes from the members, and we got to finish it all on conference weekend. So on saturday, I went to Mochis with Elder Ramirez and got to watch the 2 saturday sessions in english with all of the other gringos. (In the picture, another Elder is taking the picture of me, so I am not alone with all those sisters, just in case you were wondering. haha!) But all the talks were awesome! They especially talked about the Book of Mormon this conference. Then at 5:30, Elder Walhstrom and I went to go drop off Elder Ramirez at the bus station. We didnt end up leaving until about 6 so we got to the priesthood session a little late. So I did not get to see all of it. 

But after the priesthood session, we had to try and figure out a way to get back to 4 milpas (there are no buses at night). So I saw the mission president's counselor in the priesthood session and started talking with him. Then joking around, I asked if he wanted to give us a ride. I was very surprised that he said, of course. So Elder Walhstrom and I went with him to pick up another missionary who did not have a companion either, Elder Reyes, and then went to 4 milpas to spend the night. So we had a sleep over of 3 missionaries saturday night.

The next day we helped to pick up all the members in 4 milpas and bring them to the Rosales branch so that they could watch conference. We loaded all the members up in the back of a pick up truck and headed out. We then watched conference that was projected on one of the walls of the casa de oracion. So I had to watch all of conference in spanish on sunday. 

Then during the break in between the 2 sessions of conference the branch president brought food for everyone who came to conference. So Elder Reyes, Walhstrom, and I helped to make sandwiches along with the branch president and his wife for everyone. So that was pretty fun. And it was so nice of the branch president to buy all that food for everyone. 

Then we went to Macapule for the rest of the afternoon. I got to see Carlos and Lolita again from my first area. And it always makes me so happy to see them and talk with them again. It is also alot more fun when you can speak spanish alot better. :)

Today we received our transfers and I received Elder Salazar, he was in Libertad also. Elder Salazar is from my generation and he is from cuidad mexico. I also know him really well because he has always been in Sinaloa like me. He was in my district in Macapule when I was the DL. But he is really funny. I am really exited to be his companion. I hope that we will see many miracles this transfer. 

Well, Yussen is going to be baptized soon. His baptismal date is for the 22 of October, but we are going to see if he wants to get baptized a little sooner. 

I love you so much. I hope that you all have a great week this week. 
Elder Snyder

Going away party for Elder Ramirez

Watching Conference with the Gringos

Saying goodbye to Elder Ramirez at the bus station
Our house...I know, the walls look scary. The house is pretty old, but it honestly doesn't bother me. We hardly live in the house…we basically just sleep there. The 3 beds is for when Elders Wahlstrom and Reyes came.

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