Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 64: District Conference in El Fuerte and a Hurricane

Riding in the back of a truck to get to our Saturday priesthood meeting for District Conference.
Well this week a ton of things happened. On tuesday we were hit by a hurricane in los mochis durning our district meeting. And we had to go to downtown to pick up the results of a medical test for Elder Ramirez. But all of the streets in mochis were flooded. All the streets were like rivers. So we started out climbing over cars, riding in the back of trucks to avoid getting our shoes soaked, but in the end we had to walk through all of the water :( . I put a bunch of videos on dropbox so I hope that you can all watch them. 

Then this week we spent pretty much the whole time helping the members to get ready for the district conference in El Fuerte, which is like 1 and half hours from where we are. So everyone needed all lot of faith in order to attend. So we hardly had time to visit our investigators. But we had a miracle. We were able to help like 60 people attend the conference. That is more people than we have ever had in any of our sacrament meetings. We had many inactives and less actives attend. It was pretty great. We filled the bus so much that there was not enough room for everyone (us) to sit. 

On Saturday we went to the Saturday session of priesthood. It was pretty interesting because we had quite a few people from the branch, but only one person in the the branch has a car. So we all had to fit into his truck. So we had 6 (very large men) inside the truck and 5 people (including us) in the bed. So we had like an hour ride in the back of a truck to get to El Fuerte. It was pretty funny when we arrived and we saw President Myers and his family in their car changing their clothes. And when they saw us arriving in the back of a truck they just smiled and asked how everything was going (because they know that we dont have that many options). 

And this week, our new branch president has started making changes. He is giving everyone a calling. He has been visiting the members. He is going to give us a mission leader (Finally!!!!!!). We are finally going to have branch counsel. And we are changing the time of the branch and the extension so that we can attend the 2 meetings. In Rosales it is going to start at 9 and in 4 milpas it is going to start at 3. We are going to be like the catholics and have mutiple meetings one the same day haha. 

But that is about it for all the things that happened this week. I love you so much. Miss you alot. cant wait until christmas :) 

te amo
Elder Snyder

Elder Wahlstrom and I…He's such a great guy and one of the hardest working missionaries I know. 

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