Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 63: Zone Conference and Salmanila (or however you spell it)


This week didnt go too well because my companion got sick. He has been sick since the last Sunday. So in the beginning of the week we could not work as hard as we would have liked. And on Thursday, after our zone conference we went to the hospital to get him checked out. So then they told him that he should not have been out working and now he needs to rest for 7 days. So we didnt leave for one day and the rest we just took them really easy so we didnt really do much as far as our indicators are concerned. And today we went to the hospital again for a follow up appointment. They said that he has Salmanila (or however you spell it). And tomorrow we have to go back to the hospital in the morning so that he can have tests done. Hopefully he gets better soon. 

So we had a zone conference. And it was pretty awesome once again. I love President Myers and his wife. They talked about how to teach with the spirit and what we need to do. They showed us alot of ways that we can use to teach better. One of the things that they showed was that when we are sharing something important like the first vision, we need to talk alot slower so that the people can concentrate on the words and what they are feeling. Also that when we share our testimonies, we dont need to use a bunch of words. It should just be a simple and powerful testimony. Then we had a practice using all the things that we had learned and I could definitely feel a difference. 

This week we have a district conference, and we are really excited because we get to travel to El Fuerte. And I believe that a district conference is like a stake conference only for branches. I will be sure to let you all know how it goes. 

This sunday was a little sad because only 11 people came to church this week. And after sacrament meeting the other half went home. :( We only had 5 people for our 2nd hour and one of them was Maria our recent convert. Hopefully everything will get better with our new branch president. But after church we had a great experience when we brought the sacrament to an elderly member that could not attend. We got to her house and she didnt have any bread so we had to use a tortilla. :) But we could tell that she was so grateful for our visit. She had tears in her eyes after we had blessed and given her the sacrament. It really helped to strengthen my testimony of the sacrament and how valuable it is. I wish I would have had a better attitude when I was a priest and had the prevelige of bringing the sacrament to the people who were not able to partake of it at church. 

I hope that everything is going great at home. Love you all so much.

Con Amor
Elder Snyder

Zone Conference games

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