Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 60: A new family and a baptism this Saturday, hopefully!


So, we still have a baptism planned for this Saturday…the day before transfers. We really hope that M. gets baptized. She comes to church more often than many of the members sometimes. She accepts all the commandments and the book of mormon and everything. The only problem is that she does not want to commit herself completely. She has a fear that she wont be able to fufill what is required after she is baptized. And she uses the excuse alot that she doesnt know why she has to be baptized again, even though we have explained it 100 different times in 100 different ways. She just needs a little inspiration to know that it is the right thing to do. 

I love President Myers more and more. This week we had our zone conference with him and a lot of things have changed in the mission. First, we are not going to have zone meetings anymore, which were like zone conferences only without the president. And I believe that is because in this mission, sometimes when the zone leaders are in charge, things don't always get communicated properly. So that is all going to be solved with the president in every meeting. Also we are now allowed to drink soda again. Woooooooo! I am so happy about this because sometimes soda is all people have and it was really hard to turn down their kindness. Yeah, president Myers says that the soda rule is not important to him. He just doesnt want us to drink water from the tap (like all the missionaries do in mochis). He says that he doesnt want to make a rule for everything that we can and cant do. He wants us to use our agency and follow the promptings of the spirit. 

But our Zone Conference was super fun. In the morning we played water balloon volleyball. Me and my companion brought our matching shirts. Then we had our normal meeting. It was also cool because President Myers called Elder Ramirez and I up to the front because he wanted to tell everyone how he first met us. He told everyone about how Monday night he was in his counselor´s truck in 4 milpas, when his counselor said, "look there are the missionaries." then he saw Elder Ramirez and I racing by on our bikes because we had to pay our rent. Then his councelor called us over to his truck and Pres. Myers got out of the car and gave us a big hug. Then the president told everyone that he felt like we had just gotten out of the shower because we were so soaked in sweat. Pretty nasty. It was pretty funny. 

Well this week we found a family of investigators!!!! We almost could not believe it because Elder Ramirez and I have not taught an entire family in a while. They seem really awesome. They live right in front of the Catholic church. haha. But we are not to worried, we have the truth. :) We hope they progress because their family has 2 sons and they both are like 20 years old. So we are hoping to get some future priesthood here in the branch extention. 

Love you all,
Elder Snyder

Check out the neck tan line! haha!

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