Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 59: Never a calm week in 4 Milpas!

This picture is kind of blurry, but this is a huge bug in my hand.

So, this week was another interesting one. We can never have a calm week! So to start off we when to Mochis on our pday to buy food and to take out money from the bank. But they did not deposit all of our money, so we decided to wait for the zone meeting to take out all of our money. So we went to Walmart and Sams and bought our things with the money we had left over, and when we got back home we realized that we only had enought money to buy water and the bus ride back to mochis. But then the zone leaders called and said that we were not going to have the zone meeting this week. So we had to go almost the whole week without money. On Friday, we learned from our DL that there is an atm in Mochicauhi, so we went there because our landlord was bugging us for the rent and we needed money. So that was a little challenge we had. 

So this sunday many things happened. There were very few that attended church this week. There were 3 families that came, and 1 of the 3 are investigators. It was Trini and her family. She is pretty much more active than the members here. And it was testimony meeting and Trini and her mom (who is not a member either) both shared their testimonies haha. But we are pretty sure that Maria (trini´s mom) is going to get baptized this 20th of August. She does not have any major obsticles that keep her from getting baptized.

So then later that night, we found out that the branch president in Rosales wants to throw in the towel. That he asked president Myers if he can be released from his office. And it is really sad because there is no one else in Rosales that is qualified enough to be branch president. But we are going to see what happens. 

I would like to share the testimony of the district president that was in our meeting  here in 4 milpas. He told us that his whole life he has never had anything. That at age 9, he had to start working because their was no one in his family that could provide. And that many of his brothers and sisters have died. He said that without the gospel he would have absolutely nothing in his life. That he would never have been able to find his purpose and happiness in life if it had not been for the gospel, and that now he has a large family through the church. Then he started to name all of the little branches in the district and said that all of the members are his family and that he loves each and every one of them so much. 
And it is truly amazing that here in 4 Milpas, where the people have almost nothing, yet they feel so rich and happy with the gospel. I have seen how priceless it is to obtain knowledge in this life. And how this knowledge helps us so much to progress in this life. We have so many investigators that do not know how to read and it is really hard for them to pay attention. It really is an impeeding factor in their spiritual progress. I know that the promise in Matthew is fulfilled here, "where there are 2 or 3 gathered in my name, there I am."

Thanks so much for your letters and the pics 
Love you all so much
Elder Snyder

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