Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 54: Miracle at the Casa de Oración and ...I fell in the channel!

I want to start things off by saying your prayers have been answered. We got our AC fixed!!! haha! We can finally sleep super well at night. This week was a little crazy with all the Guaymas stuff. When I got back to the house on Tuesday, I felt a little sick because I had not slept well the past 2 nights because I was with my generation one night then on monday night we slept in the house of Macapule. But it is all good now.
Our mission president changed last week also. I still have not met our new president, but he is coming to Los Mochis tomorrow. So afterwards I can tell you a little more about him. 
This week we also had intercambios with the zone leaders, and I stayed here in 4 Milpas and Elder Robbins came to work with me. He is from Canada. But it was pretty fun... the intercambio. I got to show Elder Robbins how enormous our area is. And afterwards, he kept saying that he is ready for president to send him to a pueblo and that he wants to have the entire mission experience, which includes serving in a branch very far from the city. But it was pretty awesome because one of the members in 4 Milpas has a friend that she wanted us to go visit. Her name is B. So we went to visit her, and we realized that she lives super close to the casa de oración.  So we got there, and she was saying how she wanted to go to church with us before we even started teaching. She has had a lot of difficult things happen to her in her life and she says that she is ready to change her life for the better. She accepted a baptisimal date for the end of this month. And she went to church yesterday. 

We also have another person that we are hoping gets baptized this week. Her name is T. She has been an eternal investigator. She has been attending church for about a year and she likes everything about the church, but she is just not 100 percent willing to give up her vices. She has a baptismal date for this saturday, and we have been working with her to get excited to be baptized. We hope that she will be ready to be baptized this week.

This week we had a miracle happen at church. We were all sitting in the casa de oración waiting for everyone to arrive to start the meeting. And as the meeting started, a bunch of people started to come in. We did not have enough chairs for everyone to sit. We had to take some chairs from the primary room for some of the kids to sit. We had 32 people in our meeting this sunday!!  Now I know that it is nothing compared to the 1800 that you all saw last sunday in Bear Lake, but 32 is a lot for our little casa de oración.

Well, I have a really funny story for everyone. So last night it was about 8 and we had to head back home. (It is about an hour bike ride from where we were.) And to leave we have to cross the channel. And we always cross on this little wooden bridge that takes you to the other side. It is about a foot and a half wide and is made of all different sorts of random planks of wood. So my companion and I decided to ride across it to get to the other side. So when I went to cross, my bike tire fell into one of the little holes in the bridge and I lost control and fell 5 feet down into the channel with my bike. haha! Luckily, I did not submerge and my scriptures did not get all wet. They were the first things I took care of after I fell. But yeah, I fell in the channel and the only thing that was wounded was my pride. I now cannot make fun of all the other missionaries that have made the same mistake as I. But I hope you all get a good laugh out of it. :) Afterwards we called one of the few members with a car to drive us back home. I was pretty upset at myself the whole night, but its okay because all is well in Zion. 
I hope that you all had a great time at the family reunion. I look forward to hearing about it from the rest of the "tousins." Love you all so much!
Con Amor 
Elder Snyder

P.S. I didnt take pictures this week because my camera broke. The button to take pictures would not come back up. But I got that fixed today. It was just a faulty spring so dont worry mom haha. I will take more pictures this week

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