Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 53: Arely and Metzly's Baptism

Arely and Metzly Baptism

Dont worry I did not die. Sorry to scare you all about the water situation but right after we finished writing, we went outside and saw someone watering their dirt (oh yeah everyone here waters their dirt, it does not make sense because they say that it is so the wind does not pick up so much dust, but that only works for like 5 minutes because afterwards it is dry again.) But after we saw that, we realized that the water was back on. And we are happy because we have had water all this week. :)
Sorry I didnt write yesterday, I had to go to Guaymas to renew my visa. So they got all the missionaries from my generation together for one day. Everyone who did not live in Obregon got on a bus on Sunday, and we traveled to Obregon and stayed at the Asistants´ house. Then monday morning, we got up early to travel to Guaymas which is outside of the mission boarders so it was kind of an adventure. It was also super fun to see everyone from my generation and to ask all of them how it is going. Then afterwards they sent us all back to our areas. We got back to Los Mochis at like 9 at night, and at that time their were no buses to take us to our area, so we stayed with the Elders from Macapule...My very first area. It was a super long day and I was super tired. The house in Macapule is also super small for 2 Elders and with 4 Elders it is just insane. To sleep we pushed the two beds together and we all slept on the 2 beds. 

But I want to tell you all that Arely and Metzly got baptized! I got to baptize Metzly and my companion baptized Arely. (Metzly is the shorter one). But the baptism went really well. We had to go to Los Mochis to baptize them because their is no font in Rosales. But everything went super well. 

I also burned my shirt, but I will send that video next week. It was pretty awesome. 

I hope everyone has a great time in Utah and at the reunion. 
Love you all,
Elder Snyder

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