Thursday, June 1, 2017

Week 101: Lots of Birthday Surprises!

How about that firework birthday candle?!! Good thing there is a fire extinguisher behind me. haha!

Thank you to everyone for your birthday letters. I opened my inbox to see that it was full of bday letters :)
Well I have really enjoyed my birthday this year because to start my companion organized a surprise birthday/going away party with our branch. So on sunday after all the services, all the members brought out the tables and all the food that they had prepared and we started to eat and celebrate. :) It was really awesome. I was so thankful for all that the members did. 
Then in the morning my district planned a birthday breakfast. We made pancakes and they bought me a 3 leches cake (there is the mexican cake that you wanted mom! haha!) Then in the afternoon my companion took me out to eat sushi. It turned out to be a birthday way better than last year. Last year my birthday was on sunday and it was the day of transfers and they closed my area and none of the members remembered. So this year made up for the last year. 
Time is going by so fast. Last week I had my last zone conference and I got kind of trunky ;) I had to give my "dying" testimony and it was really weird because I remember my first zone conference and seeing the dying testimony of others and I thought that that moment would never come. Now that it has past it is weird to think that I will be getting home in 2 weeks. 

Victor is doing great. We finished teaching him yesterday and he is ready to get baptized. He just needs his interview on wednesday and he will be all set. It is also confirmed that he will be getting baptized at the beach. I am happy that one of my dreams is going to come true. To have a baptism at the beach.

I cant believe that I am going to be starting my second to last week, it is so crazy.  
Finishing my mission is bittersweet... I am really going to miss these experiences that have molded and made me into the person that i am today. But I am also so excited to see all of you guys again and jump back into life. 
I love you all so much. Thanks for all your great examples to me over the past 21 years. I could not have asked for a better family. Love you 

Elder Snyder

Our branch members
These sisters helped organize the party for me. 
My last Zone Conference

Birthday party with my district

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