Saturday, May 6, 2017

Week 96: This morning I found a cat in our "sink"

This morning I found a cat in the place where we wash our dishes.

Well this week was a pretty normal week. It has started to get hotter. We are also in the last week of the transfer, so next week I will be starting my last transfer of the mission. Time really goes by so fast. 

Well the good news was that this week we were able to commit pretty much all of our investigatores to a baptismal date and commit them all to come to church.  But out of all of our investigatores the only one that we didnt plan on coming to church came. His name is Ricardo and his wife got baptized like 8 months ago and all of his kids are active members of the church. He just has not joined because he is still not ready to give up his old life, but he is getting closer. He decided to go to church by himself so that is a step in the right direction. But our other investigator Juan did not go to church and we still do not know why. We have our next appointment with him tomorrow, so hopefully we can get him and his wife to come to church more so that he can start progressing. 

Other than that, we have set a new goal in the branch. We have committed everyone in the branch to read the book of mormon in 3 months. We visited almost all the members in the branch and committed them all personally to read the BOM and then in church we official announced the goal to the branch. We have been seeing problems in the branch and after talking and making a plan with the branch president we felt that the thing that would help the members live the gospel more fully would be helping them to make daily scripture study a habit. I have started reading the BOM again also to support all the members and I have been reading with the schedule that we sent to all the members so that they will all be able to finish in 3 months. 

But an interesting thing that happened this week was that we left our keys inside the house and got locked out of the house. :( And sadly there was no window were we could squeeze ourselves into, so the only option we had was to break the glass window in the door. So now we have a hole in our back door. Dont worry because we put a safety in place so you can only open the back door with a key. But now we are a lot more careful with they keys. 

I love you so much. I cannot believe how fast the time is going by and how soon we are going to see each other again. 
te amo :)
Elder Snyder

The window we had to break to get in to our house. :(

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