Thursday, January 12, 2017

Week 81: 101 Contacts!

Guasave…a big change from 4 Milpas - paved roads!

We had an interesting week. We did not have too much success but we were able to see a few miracles. To start we made it our goal to invite 100 people this week to listen to our message. And we ended the week with 101 street contacts. The only problem was that we only received 6 new investigators out of all of that and of those 6 it does not seem like we will have much progress. So it has been kind of a hard week. But we are trying hard to do our part. 
Some of the miracles that happened were when all of our plans fell through in the morning and I remembered someone that we taught a while back that said that he was going out of town and that we could visit him after new years. I really did not want to go see him because he lives in the complete opposite direction from where we were going, so at first I decided not too. But then I felt again that we should go look for him. So this time I decided to listen and we started heading in the opposite direction. As we got closer to his house a girl called out our names. So we started to talk to her and she said that she is a member of the church and got baptized in Tijuana and moved here to Guasave and has not been able to find the church. We then told her where the church was and gave her a copy of the BOM because she left hers in tijuana. Afterwards I could not remember exactly where the house of the guy we were looking for was and I felt that maybe the whole purpose of us going to look for his house was to find and talk to this girl. She did not go to church or any of our appointments this week but I still feel that it was inspired. 
The less active family that we have been teaching went to church again!! wooo!!! I also got the stake presidency to talk to the branch president so hopefully that will help. 

Oh our district is doing really well. It looks like everyone is going to baptize this transfer. Finally i will get to do a baptismal interview. ;) I still feel kind of discouraged and impatient. I feel like we are doing everything we can to have success, but we seem to be having very few results. But I know if I keep doing my part that is what counts. 

Love you lots
Elder Snyder

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