Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 75: Service and Santa Hats

Wow sounds like you all had a super fun time in Utah. It is going to be crazy to think that by the time that summer comes around, I will be heading back home. I loved all the pictures of the family. Everyone looks so big. I cannot believe it. 
This week was a pretty average week. Our investigators that have been progressing to be baptized did not go to church this week. :( It has been kind of hard to teach them because I can tell that their minds have been messed up from all the drugs that they used to do. So it is kind of difficult for them to understand some of the things that we teach. We had trouble teaching one who´s name is José about tithing. He understood what to do, but he was not able to understand why he should pay tithing. We tried explaining, but he kind of closed his mind to what we were saying. We are going to try to explain it again to him and hopefully he can have a little more faith as to why we should pay tithing. We recieve so many blessings when we pay our tithing. It is one of the few comandmants that comes with a promise attached that says, "prove me now." The Lord invites us to test him with our faith and he promises us that the windows of heaven will be opened to us that we will not have room to recieve the blessings. 
We are also planning on having quite a few baptisms with children who´s parents are less active and we are working on reactivating them, and children who´s baptisms never got registered so they have to be rebaptized to make a record of it. 
We as a mission are also planning on taking part in the worldwide church service day. On Thursday we are going to do a service project as a zone. I still dont know what it is that we will do, but I will be sure to take pictures. Oh and we have also made it a goal of ours to take pictures of all the families in the branch with Santa hats so that we can make a gift for the branch. 
But that is about it for this week. I will be sure to write more next week. 
I love you all so much. I hope that you all enjoy this last christmas without me haha. Sing lots of Chirstmas hymns for me.
Con mucho amor
Elder Snyder

p.s. Forgot to tell you that we gave service this week with a less active member. We helped him with his job where he makes little sculpture piggy banks. We just started getting him to church he has gone the past 2 sundays. woooh! So we had to shake the molds so the mixture would harden. I know that I didnt explain very well but I hope that the pictures can explain better than I can. 

Helping to make piggy banks

We helped put up the tree in Johan's house. Johan is the special needs boy who is obsessed with Jesus Christ. 

Johan and family

The view from my bike

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