Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 73: Transfers: Adiós 4 Milpas, Hola Alameda!


It is great to hear from you. Wow I cant believe that our house has begun extreme home makeover. haha. I was also surprised that Trump won. I honestly know very little about their political stand points, but everyone here in Mexico is complaining about Donald Trump. They dont want him to be president. But I guess it happened, so it doesn't really matter. 
Well getting back to mission stuff, I have been transfered to alameda. It is a branch that is in the city of Guasave. It is south of los mochis. I am super excited. I have a lot of friends that have been in this area and they all say that it is really awesome. Our area is half of the city and the rest is all the pueblos that are on the outside of the city. I can't wait to get started. We also have bikes, so that is always fun. There are a few things that I have to fix on my new bike, but it should not be too much of a problem. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, but I am the new district leader here!! My district is small, it has one companionship of sisters and the zone leaders, but I am super excited for the opportunity that I have.
My new companion´s name is Elder Chavez. He is from mexico city and he has about 9 months in the mission. He has one brother and one sister and his Dad is not a member of the church. He also went to the church highschool that was in mexico city that is now the ccm. I have heard that he is super cool, so I am excited to have him as my companion. My old campanion Elder Salazar is going to train in 4 mil pas.
So last week we got to hear from Elder Pieper. It was not what I thought it was going to be. When it was Elder Piepers turn to speak, he got down from the pulpit and then asked us what we wanted to talk about. So basically it was a Q&A type of meeting. We could ask whatever we wanted and Elder Pieper would respond. The thing that I like the most was when Elder Pieper talked about the sacrament. He explained what it really means to participate in the sacrament each week. He said that every time we take the sacrament we reafirm the covenants that we have made. And these convenants that we have made are found in D&C 20:37. He said that everytime we take the sacrament we are committing to do these things. He also said that the sacrament renews all the covenants that we have made like baptism, being ordained to the priesthood, covenants in the temple, and the sealing ordinance. All of these things we renew when we partake of the sacrament. That is why it is so important that we participate of the sacrament every week. We need to renew our covenants and we need the promise to have the holy ghost with us. Someone asked what we should do to feel influence of the holy ghost more in our lives and he said that we just need to do a better job of keeping our covenants. He said that the promise is already there that we can always have his spirit to be with us if we keep our covenants. I learned a lot of really cool things, but I heard that the conference that he had with the missionaries in Obregon was a little better because the missionaries were asking more of the right questions. 
Oh I also got my package just in time for transfers. So I got to open it, then pack it all up again last night. But thank you so much. I loved all the things that you sent. I was able to give out quite a few HLJ (CTR) rings before I left. I also love the BOM coloring books. I hope to make good use out of them here. 
Thank you so much for everything. Love hearing about you lives. Love you all so much
con amor
Elder Snyder

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