Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 57: Did someone say Heat?

It is always so nice to get and read your letters. It always makes me happy to hear about all the things that are going on back home. Sounds like Parker is excited to get his eagle project out of the way... haha. And I just want you all to know that none of your complaints about the heat will find any mercy with me!!! haha! This week was one of the hottest weeks, we have ever had. Its so hot, the sun is starting to hurt! Also it is so humid here that in 5 minutes you are drenched!! I also cannot continue to wear my lightly colored pants because you can see all the sweat lines. Pretty nasty! Now starts the time of sueros all over again. (Sueros is that salt drink that we are supposed to drink so we don't get dehydrated.)

This week was a little hard for us because our investigator, T., is not ready to get baptized. She says that she will be ready later on but we can tell she is not doing anything to make this happen, so we are kind of disappointed. But we found a new investigator that is friends with one of the members here. She introduced us to her. Her name is A. and she is the daughter of eternal investigators here in 4 milpas. She has seen the missionaries before, but has never really talked with them. She was home with her husband and her cousin, but her husband did not want to come out and meet us. We got to know them a little, and we left them with a pamphlet of the restoration. Then we set an appointment to come back and teach and with the member that introduced us. But when we went back, it turns out that her husband got a little upset and told us that he did not want us to come back to his house because after we left A´s cousin was talking about us all day. And it is really frustrating because the member we went with went and talked with her afterwards and asked what she would have to do to get baptized. ahhhh so frustrating. But Elder Ramirez is great. He is really funny and helps me to joke around and sometimes take my mind of the work, because it is really stressful here.

Also this week we had some crazy thunderstorms at night. At night we would sometimes spend an hour outside just looking at all the lightning. One night after planning we spent the rest of the night outside because it was a lot cooler outside of the house than inside. 
And today we had our first Pday where we stayed in 4 milpas. We woke up early to go climb a mountain and watch the sunrise. It was pretty cool because you can see our entire area. I took a few videos so you should be able to see them. But that is about it. 
I feel like I just wrote you guys so there is not to much more for me to tell. Sorry if this letter is a little short, but I will try to do better next week. But to make up for it I took a lot of pictures. 
Love you so much. Thanks for all your advice and support. 
Elder Snyder

Here's some pictures of our hike this morning. And the other pictures with us in missionary clothes were from when we went to mochicahui. Ohh yeah, I forgot to tell you that friday night we got a call from one of the sisters in the Rosales Branch who wanted us to give her granddaughter a blessing because she was going to have surgery on saturday. The only problem was that they called us at night and mochicahui is like 10 kilometros away. So, in the morning on saturday we woke up early and left to bike ride an hour to go and give a blessing to this girl. The whole time I was thinking that I have never put so much faith into a blessing like this. I was thinking of the scripture in James that says that faith with out works is dead and how we show our faith by our works. And I was thinking that I have never worked so hard to give a blessing because we were dripping in sweat when we arrived. haha. But it all turned out ok.

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