Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 51: Life in 4 Milpas

4 Milpas is pretty awesome. It is alot different than any type of missionary work that I have done so far. We mostly work with the members... trying to reactivate them and to teach their friends. Pretty much everyone here has spoken with the missionaries before, so it is a little hard to find new people to teach. But that is what happens when you are in a small town and the missionaries have been there for 4 years. They have basically spoken with everyone. 

Elder Ramirez and I get along pretty well. He is pretty funny and we both make the same types of jokes. In this area we live in a house. The house is pretty nice and we just finished cleaning it today. It has not been cleaned in a long time, so that is why I have not taken pictures yet, but next week I will send pictures. The only problem here is that they always cut our water. We have no idea why but suddenly when we try to use the washing machine (that we rent) there is no water. Or when we try to use the sink there is no water. So we fill buckets with water, so that we have water to wash our hands and stuff. But it usually goes out during the day and then at night we'll have water again, so it is not a big problem. But today there was no water in the morning, so I took my first shower with a bucket. It was an interesting experience that makes me grateful for shower-heads. We still havent gotten the AC fixed, but Elder Lowry gave us 2 fans that they dont use in their house, so now it is alot easier to sleep at night. But fixing the AC is our number one priority this week!! 

That is so awesome that school is out and it is summer for everyone. I am not too excited about summer because of the heat, but I know that everyone else is. 

So we are 70 percent sure that we are going to have a baptism this week. There are 2 girls that are 9 and 10 years old. Their names are Aureli and Metzly. Their mom is inactive, but we are working on that right now. The problem is that they live like an hour away from our house and their mom is never home, but last week we had some luck and we found her for the first time and we were able to teach her. 

We also have an old investigator that has a baptismal date. She aways attends church, but she has not made the decision to be baptized yet but she has a date for july 9th. Also we just received a reference from the branch that we are part of that someone wants us to come and teach them, so we are really excited to start with them. But we dont have too many details so I will let you know more next week. 

Love you all so much!
Elder Snyder

Elder Ramirez

Elder Lowry and all of his "sons" (the missionaries he has trained). Well, one of them is a "step-son" but it still counts.

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