Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 47: 100 degrees this week!!

My District

Well it is getting very hot. I am starting to remember what it was like when I first got here. But I am still scared because it is only going to get a lot hotter!!!  :(

Well this week was interesting. All of our investigators that had attended church before did not go, and all the people who had not attended, went to church. So it was pretty interesting. 

The Salazar family wants to change their house for a house that costs less to rent. And they found a house, the only problem is that it has been abandoned for years. So, they called us on Saturday and asked us if we could help them clean. So we spent all morning on Saturday cleaning the house and the yard. Then when we called at night to organize a ride to go to church they told us that they were not going to go because everyone was super tired from working. So we were super sad when they didnt come to church.

But we had two new people come to church. We had this one old man whose name is Martin come to church. We have been teaching him... the only problem is that he had an accident a few years ago so his learning comprension is a little slow. But he was super excited to come to church with us. We just hope that we can get his wife Maria to come too. Maria always says that she does not have enough time right now, but she is really happy that we are coming to visit her husband. We hope that we can start teaching her soon, so that they can progress together. 

And we had another new investigator come to church. He is a friend of a member. He is 17 years old and he said that he wanted to learn more about the church. He told us that he is catholic and he believes in God, but he just does not agree with a few things in the Catholic church. So we taught him about the restoration of the Gospel and how the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. He told us that he was planning on going to church with this family that he is friends with and yesterday he came. He then told us after church that he really liked everything and that he felt something different here. We hope that we can continue teaching him. The only problem is that his family is very Catholic and they may not let him get baptized until he is 18, but he is an awesome guy.

Well aside from it being very hot not too much has changed. Today we did not do anything really special. We just went to downtown and looked at all the little shops. The sad thing is that there is absolutely nothing to do here on Pdays. All museums are closed on mondays and everything else is prohibited by the mission. So we continue looking for new things that we can do each week besides just going to the store and looking at things. 

Well, I loved hearing about your week. I hope that everything is going well back home. I love you all so much. 

con Amor 
Elder Snyder

Morning basketball

These little plates of food are from Martin's wife. She has her own business where she cooks household meals and all the extras she brings home. And now every time we visit she sends us home with a bunch of food. Haha…it is awesome because our dinner is a lot healthier now.  

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