Friday, April 15, 2016

Week 42: Reunions and A Real Mexican Mariachi band

Well this week was pretty great. I got to see Elder Lowry again. He had special transfers with the Zone leaders in another zone. Because the rumor is that his old companion is going to become an assistant but we wont know til next week. (Transfers are next week.) But it was super cool to see him again. 

Also last week I didnt have time to write everything but the family that we live above, their daughter returned home from her mission in Columbia. So her parents had a big party, made dinner for everyone, and even called a mariachi band to come and play. 

As for our investigators... We have new investigators in the church each week, but we can't seem to get our old ones to return. It is really frustrating not to have people progressing towards baptism. 

Also we had interviews with the Mission President this week. And he asked us all the normal questions like how we are, how is our area, what can we improve. Then at the end, I asked the president if he could share how he receives revelation for the transfers. And he told me that he starts by listening to all of the zone leaders and the assistants that tell him about the missionaries. Then he begins to fast. Then during his fast, he starts to figure out where all the missionaries are needed. And he says that sometimes he feels that he needs to give leadership positions to Elders so that they can develop more talents with their new responsibility. Then when he finishes he continues to pray until he receives a confirmation that everything is right and he feels calm. I don't think I described it to well, but the process was pretty cool. 

We also had a zone meeting on friday and we got to practice with one of the sister missionaries who is new in the mission. She arrived about 6 weeks ago and she reminds all of us of how we first were when we arrived in the mission field. She hardly knows any spanish, but everyone is helping her and encouraging her because we all know how hard it is entering into the field with a new language. 

And to finish off...Today we had a zone activity. We all met at the church. We then had to clean the entire church, because we can only have a zone activity if the zone has alot of baptisms and/or if we give service. So the service that we always give is cleaning the church. But afterwards, we all got to play volleyball, then we all ate carne asada. I am really sad because I did not bring my camera, but I have pictures of the mariachi band that came last week. 

Thanks for writing me and keeping me updated with all the things that are happening in your lives. 
Love you all so much
Elder Snyder 

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