Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 37: Another week in Mochis

Elder Lopez and I with Hermana Brown and some friends from Macapule


So this week we did a lot more walking than we would have liked. We contacted alot of people, but pretty much all of them did not want anything to do with us. But we were able to teach some lessons to our current investigators. Ramiro is awesome. He went to church this sunday and the ward was talking about their semi annual temple trip that they have and Ramiro asked if he could go too. Also we introduced him to the Word of Wisdom this last week. And he told us, " I have a cup of coffee every morning...well i guess not anymore." He accepts everything. Its awesome!

We are also teaching one man whose name is Jesus Cota. He is a really great person.  He always likes to make jokes and he almost always accepts us into his home. We are teaching him, but he still does not want to accept baptism. He doesnt want to make a commitment with us. But he always listens and he has attended church a couple of times, but right now he is waiting for his answer. We are praying that he can recieve it and recognize it. 

This Saturday we are going to have a ward mission activity. It is going to be super fun we are all really excited. It is going to be a treasure hunt. We are going to divide everyone into teams and then in teams they are all going to play 5 minute to win it type games. And at each of these little games they can win a piece of the map that shows where the treasure is hidden. We are going to hide 5 treasures for each of the teams and in each of the treasures there will be some chocolate gold coins and a key. And once everyone has found a treasure, we will all return to the cultural hall where we have a big treasure chest with a lock on it. And of all these 5 keys only one will open the chest. Then when the team with the right key opens the chest they will find that it is full of books of mormon. And after that we are going to teach everyone about how the book of mormon is like a hidden treasure in our day. That God loves us so much that he continues to speak to all of his children just has he did in ancient times. And just as he spoke to people in the bible, he also spoke to the people in the book of mormon. And that the purpose of the Bible and the Book of Mormon is for everyone to learn about Christ. And that with both of these books we can come to know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. But with the book of mormon, we can als come to know that the Lord has restored his church once again on the Earth by the Means of living Prophets. 

Today Elder Lopez and I did a lot of cleaning. We cleaned the whole house, and got rid of all the ice that was in our refrigerator. Then we when to Carls Jr with Elder Ried and Elder Cuevas. And as we were leaving we saw Hermana Brown and a few of our friends from Macapule. It was so nice to see them after a long time. 

Well, I still dont have your package but maybe tomorrow because we have our zone meeting tomorrow so their is still hope for this month. 

Well I love you all thanks for all your letters, support and prayers. 
Les Amo
Elder Snyder

Lunch at Carl's Jr

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