Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 35: I finally finished El Libro de Mormón in Spanish!

Hola todos

The weeks are going by so fast. I can hardly believe that we have practically finished another cambio. We only have one more week left. This week we had to drop a few of the people we were teaching because they are just never home or dont have time. Ramiro is doing well, though. He is super awesome. We came to his house to have another lesson and right as we were about to start he said, "can you wait for one minute, I want to invite my sister to listen." 
Also we had one of our investigators return to church. His name is Jesus Cota, but right now he does not want to accept baptism. He says that if he receives an answer, then he will get baptized. So, we are praying that he will be able to read in the Book of Mormon and pray and ponder in his heart to know that Joseph Smith restored the church and the priesthood on the earth again. 

Something really weird happened this week. So, we were getting ready to study in the morning when we heard a "Buenos dias" coming from down stairs. And as I went to check to see who it was, someone had already started climbing our stairs. And then I realized it was Elder Chichia and Elder Choc from our zone. Sometimes the zone leaders go to the houses of missionaries in their zone to see if the missionaries are getting ready in time to study. But it was really weird because the zone leaders sent the district leader of another district. It was just funny because Elder Chichia said, " yeah I dont really understand what is going on either."

Oh and this week, the other Elders, Tice and Rivera, in Libertad A had a baptism. They baptized a grandmother and her grandson. The grandmother is an ex- Jehovas Witness. The elders started teaching her granddaughter, and they left her with a book of mormon. When they returned to teach, they found that her grandma had found the book of mormon and had started to read it…And she was already on page 100! She just got baptized and now she is about to finish Alma!!!! 

And finally, this week marks the week when I finished El Libro de Mormón in Spanish. It has taken alot of time, but I finally finished it. And it truly has felt like quite an accomplishment. It is so awesome to be able to read the book in Spanish and to understand that it truly is a book inspired by God and prophets of old. And it is such a blessing that it could be translated into Spanish. And it makes me realize what a blessing it was that it was first translated into english. I am so happy for the gift of tongues that Heavenly Father has given me. I know that it is only through his help and power that I have been able to learn and speak this language.
Les quiero mucho
Elder Snyder

p.s. Here's a video of "Bonnie, the attack dog," who lives behind our apartment. She's loco!! 

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