Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 33: A day of miracles!

Hola Cómo están todos?

So this week was a very special week. But to start out, everthing was going absolutely terrible. We started out the week with numbers that were absolutely terrible. We were so frustrated because we were talking with everyone and finding people that said that we could pass by another day, but then they were never home. Then we had a zone conference on Thursday and one of our zone leaders talked about repentance. But not just about how we need to teach repentance, but how we as missionaries have to repent sometimes. He talked about how we need to repent when we feel a prompting to talk to someone, but we choose to ignore it because we may feel scared to talk to someone. Or for the house that we pass by and feel that we should knock on the door, but then we think that is a dumb idea and choose not to do it. Or when we are not sincere enough in our prayers to our Heavenly Father and don't take the time to actually talk with him. For all the little things.
After that day, we had hardly any success. Then that night my companion and I both decided to do what our zone leader told us and we repented of the things that we didnt do. Then in the morning we continued with our daily routine (and this day was also Elder Tellez´s Bday). Then right after our studying, we recieved a phone call from the zone leaders. The zone leaders then told us that they had a present for us. And now I was thinking, wow, they know that it is Elder Tellez´s Bday today.They told us that they had a huge present for us and they wanted to meet with us. So, then I started thinking oh,  they want to have intercambios again because our numbers are so bad. :( But then they told us that we were not going to have intercambios, but that they wanted us to ask the ward member who was going to give us comida to prepare 3 plates. After they said that, all I could think of is that this is really weird... what is going on? They then told us that one of the Assistants of the President was going to work with us that day. 
Elder Tellez then thought, oh great we get an AP for my bday. So Elder Flores came to work with us during the day. And Elder Flores said the prayer as we left our apartment and one of the things that he said that caught my attention was that he asked Heavenly Father to help  us complete our goals and to have 5 lessons with investigators today. He asked specifically for 5 lessons. Then as we started the day, weird things began to happen. We started to find people in their houses!!!! And one of the other weird things was that people started contacting us and asking us if we could come visit them. Elder Flores even said, "I really like this area, the people here contact you." It was something that has never happened with just me and Elder Tellez. Then at about 6:00, we went to one of the appointments we had set and the person was not there. So far, we only had 2 lessons with investigators and we still needed 3 more. By this time, I started to doubt and thought that we were most likely only going to have 2 more lessons at the most. But we continued searching and contacting and we found someone that let us into their home. Then after we taught them we went to another house that told us to come back later and we had another lesson with them. And when we finished it was about 8:15 and we still needed one more lesson to complete our goal. And Elder Flores kept saying, "come on, one more." He then asked us where we should go. And at about 8:15 at night there is hardly anyone who lets us in their house that late. But I had one more idea, but this person lived very far from where we were, at the other end of our area. And I told them that we could go there, but we would have to walk really fast to arrive, have the lesson, and return back in time. So we started walking really fast to the other end of our area and when we arrived at the house no one was there. :( And at that point, I thought, well, we are really close to Flor´s house. We may as well go visit her, and her brother is not a member, but he is never home. So we went to her house and when she opened the door and I saw her brother I was like, "Wow! this is a miracle." So we had one more lesson and completed our goals for the day and received more references that day than the entire week.

Then on Sunday we had stake conference and one of the members of the Seventy was going to come and speak. So on Sunday, we were running around to every house of our investigators to remind them to come to church and if they needed a ride, we would give it to them. But as we were going around, no one was home and the people that we found told us that they most likely were not going to be able to make it. So then we went to the church to wait and see if they were going to arrive. At this point, we saw all the other missionaries that were arriving with all their investigators, and I wanted to cry because it seemed that everyone was bringing investigators to church but us. I kept trying to tell myself that they were going to arrive, but when the meeting started, I lost my faith and told myself that they were not coming. I felt so terrible. It seemed as if we were the only ones without investigators there. Then 10 minutes after the meeting started, we saw someone enter through the back door and it was one of people that we invited. I was so happy!  I could not believe it.

Then the talk given by the member of the Seventy was one of the best talks that I have ever heard in my life…and it wasnt even in my first language, but I understood everything. He spoke about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how it works and why it is so important. He first spoke about how nothing impure can enter into the kindom of God and then he explained what that really means...That absolutely nothing that is in the slightest bit imperfect can enter into the kingdom of God. So anyone who is impatient, mad, upset, ungrateful, lazy, etc. cannot enter into the kindom of God. But then he talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and that He suffered for everyone and everything. That he suffered for the man who is impatient, so that he can repent and work to become more patient. And that he suffered in a way unexplainable. That Jesus suffered for everything, for all the women who suffer the pain of childbirth, and for all the people who experience the pain of cancer, he suffered for everything. Then he explained the way that He suffered. That Jesus didnt suffer for everyone's pains like in a package deal, but  He suffered for every person individually, because the pain that one person experiences is not the same as the pain that another experiences. And he would not know how we feel unless he suffered for us individually and experienced our own personal pains. Then he explained that he did that for every person that lived on this earth and that will live on this earth. Now this is the thing that blows my mind, That Jesus Christ suffered for all of Gods children on this Earth and all the other worlds that Heavenly Father has created. That is why the Atonement is so important. That is why it is a sacrifice infinite and eternal. And that at the end of His suffering, He walked out of the Garden of Gethsemane. And just as He walked out of the garden, we can also overcome our problems through Him, and continue walking in life. And the greatest blessing we have in this life is that every Sunday, we can take the sacrament and be cleansed of our faults and mistakes. We should always be looking forward to the Sabbath, as the day when we can cleanse our souls.

Sorry this letter is so super long, but a lot happened this week as you can tell. I know the Savior lives and that he suffered for each and every one of us. And that through him we can be made perfect. I love my mission and I am so happy that I have this time to learn so much and to serve as a missionary.

Love you all so much
Elder Snyder

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