Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Week 30 - Flor's Baptism and another 6 weeks in Libertad, Los Mochis

Flor's Baptism


Well today we had transfers! And this time my companion Elder Salomon left for Obregon and I stayed here in Libertad and recieved my new companion Elder Tellez. Elder Tellez is from Monterey Mexico also. But today I pretty much spent all my time at the bus station waiting for my companion to arrive. On the day of transfers, everyone goes to the bus station to change companions so I got to see all the missionaries that are leaving, the missionaries that are staying, and all the missionaries that are arriving from Obregon. I realized in this last transfer that I was one of the few people from my generation that was in Mochis because today a bunch of people from my generation arrived from Obregon. 

Also Flor got baptized!!!!!!! yay!!! Flor finally got baptized after all of our time in Libertad. But the day of the Baptism there were so many problems with the font. So on the morning of a baptism day, we always go to the church to clean the font (because it is always a little dirty). So we borrowed the keys from our ward mission leader and opened the church, then when we opened the font, we saw that there was still water in the font, along with a dead cucaracha, that had been there since the last baptism of another ward about three weeks ago. :( So we went to turn on the pump, but the keys we had didnt work to access the hallway where the pump was. So after a few phone calls and waiting for about 45 minutes, our bishop arrived with the keys. Then we went to turn on the pump, but nothing happened. So we spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why the pump was not working, and then when that didnt work, we ended up calling church maintanance. Then after waiting for about a half hour maintanance arrived to fix the pump. Then as they were working to fix the pump, I said a quick little prayer that they could find the problem really quickly and that we could begin cleaning and filling the font. Then before I could even say the word "Amen" in my head, they got the pump working. 
Then we pumped out all the nasty water that was in the font, got rid of the cucaracha that was floating in the water, and began cleaning the font. Then we filled the font and after that  everything turned went real smooth. 

We returned at 4 for the baptism of Flor. It was really awesome. We asked the mom of Flor to speak (because she had just been baptized about 2 months ago and, we thought it would be a great opportunity). She did a really good job, she mostly just shared her testimony, but it was really powerful. She just said that she was so grateful for the missionaries that had taught her and her family and that she hopes that Flor´s brothers can follow her example. Then she got baptized and after that, we went to work and every single one of our appointments fell through. But thats okay :)

Then the next day I got to confirm Flor a member of the church. It was really cool because she is the first person that I have every confirmed. 

Also this week we had intercambios with the zone leaders. And this time it was my turn to stay in Mochis and for Elder Salomon to leave. (I was kind of happy that I didnt leave because I found out after that the zone leaders shower with a bucket and cold water). I was with Elder Williams, un gringo. But it didnt go to well because we had about 18 people in our plans to visit and all of them fell through. So it was kind of sad, but sometimes those things happen. 

But that is pretty much it for this week. Thanks for all the pictures that you sent. I hope that everyone is happy and enjoying their time in school. The mission is awesome. We plan to contact alot this week, so pray for us that we can find the people that the Lord is preparing to receive this gospel. Love you all so much.

Les quiero
Elder Snyder

Flor with her mom  
At the bus station where everyone meets up for transfers…got to see Elder Ochoa again.
Goodbye Elder Salomon

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