Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 27: Feliz Navidad and the 6 Month Tie Burning! (Dec 21-27)

The Mision Posada

Hola como están todos
This past week was really fun. First of all we had our mision posada. We got together with our zone and my old zone. So I got to see all of my old friends again. We started out with a training from the zone leaders. And there wasnt really anyone who was too excited for the training. But then at the end of the training the zone leaders wanted everyone to do a role play with all the missionaries, and as they were explaning what we were going to do the president walked in the door. Then it was kind of funny because the zone leaders continued explaining what we were going to do and then the president said "um, why dont we start with the activities instead" So we were all very happy with that! :)
Then we played a bunch of games. We were separated into 3 teams for the first activity. They had tied a rope to a tree and a pole and the whole rope was suspended about 5 feet in the air. Then we had to help everyone cross from one side to the other and everyone had to go over the rope with out touching it. So we made a little pyramid to have the first few elders cross. Then later the hermanas all crossed. Then pretty soon it was just me and my companion who had to cross. So I had to lift up my companion and then pass him to the other elders on the other side. Then I was the only person left and I had to try and jump the entire rope. We had everyone else waiting on the other side to catch me as I tried to dive over the rope. It was pretty fun.
Then we played a game of soccer with exercise balls. But what made it fun was that we were tied together with our companion like we were having a 3 legged race. It was super fun. Then we went through the rest of the posada kind of hanging out with all the missionaries and then we ended with a training by our president.

Then on Christmas eve it was really fun because Elder Tice, Elder Rivera, and I had all completed 6 months of our mission. So, to celebrate, we all burned one of our ties. We all got together then we used a can of Axe and a lighter and burned them flame thrower style! Then we were all invited over to the house of a member and we all ate carne asada. :)

Then on Christmas I got to call home! It was so awesome to get to see all of you guys. I was smiling so much and it made me so happy just to see everyone.

But pretty much all this week Libertad has been dead. There was hardly anyone in the streets or in their houses. Most of our investigatores told us to wait until january because they are all on vacation. So we did alot of walking this week. And Flor the girl that we are going to baptize isnt going to return home until the 5th of January. So we have to wait until the 9th to have her baptism.

Well I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I love you all so much and it was so awesome to see everyone.
les amo mucho
Elder Snyder

Reunion with Elder Ochoa
Elder Tice, Elder Rivera, Me, and Elder Salomon
The 6 month Tie Burning!

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