Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 23 - Thanksgiving Turkey Enchiladas

¿Cómo están todos?
Well another week has gone by and we have arrived at the last week of the cambia (transfer.) We still don't have any investigators that are progressing but we have found a less active sister that we are trying to reactivate. We decided to contact this señora that was leaving her house. As soon as we started talking to her, she was like… actually, I am a member, and told us to come into her house. She told us that she and all of her kids were baptized in the church, but that she has not been to church in ten years. Then the next Sunday, she came to church and brought one of her granddaughters who is not a member. She also came last week and she made comida for us also.
Also hermana Richardson is going to finish her mission this week, which is sad because she has been in my ward and our district ever since I arrived.
But this week we have really been focussing on the new intiative of the church which is "Ha nacido un salvador" or "The Savior is Born." All of our meetings and lessons have been about this video. And in the 3rd hour of church, we were in charge of teaching. We ran the 3rd hour like it was a zone conference. We started with a hymn and a prayer and then we, the missionaries, lead the training for all the members. We showed them all the video and asked them what they thought and why it is important that they share this with their friends and family. Then we discussed the different ways that they could share this video with their family. Then we had all the members do a role playing exercise where they all had to contact one of their friends and gift them a card. It was really cool and kind of funny to watch all the members act like missionaries. But that is kind of what the church is all about, right?  
There is still hardly any progress here in our area because it is so dang small. A large portion of our area is taken up by the Ley, Walmart and Sam's Club. It is like a quarter of our area. So we keep feeling like we are talking with the same exact people. But I really hope that I will be here in Macapule for one more cambia…just because I have gotten to know all the members here, and I would really like to spend Christmas with them.
And instead of having turkey for thanksgiving this year, I had turkey enchiladas, so that is basically the same thing right? :) I am glad that you all had a great Thanksgiving and sorry that this letter is not too long, but really not to much has happened this week. I hope that everything is going well. Love you all so much.
Elder Snyder

Our Christmas presentation during the 3rd hour in church to help the members share the video "The Savior is born."  
A Family Home Evening with the members
"The Monster Dogg!"
Not really missionary attire, but it was actually cold in our apartment!! It has no insulation and the weather here now is a lot like California, cold in the morning, hot during the day, and then cold again at night. I never thought I would say this, but I almost wish I had packed a sweater. haha!
It rained all day Saturday and one of the members made this poncho for me out of a trash bag! haha! But it stopped raining right after.

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