Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 21 - Sam's club here we come!

So this week started out really rough for us. We walked for hours and hours. We were contacting all the people that said we could pass by their house, but they were either not home or later told us that they were catholic. That is always the excuse people use. They tell us that we can pass by a different day, but then when we come by again, they tell us that they are catholic and don't want to listen. So in the start of the week, it was really hard to stay positive, but things turned out to be all right at the end of the week. Sadly, our investigators still are not coming to church. I feel like the hardest commandment for these people is to keep the Sabbath. 

But other than that, things went pretty well. We had a meeting with the president and the assistants. It was really awesome because it was a meeting for all the district, zone, and sister training leaders. The meeting was awesome. We learned how we should be running our district meetings, which is something very helpful for me, and we learned how to work more with the members. And one of the ways that I think is awesome is to have a family home evening with the members where the members invite a family and then the missionaries teach a short lesson. 

Oh and something interesting that happened this week was that we recieved a reference from the sisters of someone who has a daughter that is at BYUI right now. So we contacted him this week and he told us about his daughter at BYUI. Then he called her up on his phone and gave it to me. And I asked her where she was living, but I don't remember now where it was. But it was really cool... we talked in spanish and because this guy has a lot nicer phone than we do, I could actually hear what she was saying on the other end. His daughter told us that we have to teach her dad, so we are going to continue to follow up with him. 

Also as of today, Elder Ochoa and I are officially Sam's Club members. Haha! Yeah, there is a Sam's Club right in our area. We mainly bought the membership because Sam's is one of the only cheap places that you can go to print photos. But we got a really good deal and it will be really nice to be able to go there. 

Love you all so much!  Thanks for everything that you do for me.

te amo
Elder Snyder

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