Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 9 - A Rough Week


So, the language is coming better. If I really try to listen and stay focused, I start to understand more. I also stay more awake instead of drifting off to sleep. ;) We will be having another baptism this week. Paul is 11 years old. His sister is a member and his mom is not, but she finally gave him permission to be baptized. So that will be happening this Saturday. But as for people to teach, that is what we need help with. We are currently trying to find more people to teach because we dont have that many investigators. Now in mexico, no one goes tracting from door to door, it just isnt something you do in this mission. But we do alot of street contacting because everyone walks everywhere here. So when we pass people, we tell them who we are and ask if we can come by another day to share our message. And alot of the time, the people say yes... the only problem is that when we come by, they are either not home or they can't meet with us at the moment, so that is kind of hard. We also spend alot of time with less actives because alot of people get baptized, but then they never end up coming to church. 

Now this week was especially rough for me, and I'll try to spare many of the details, but  I was really sick with something. I think it was food poisoning. But on tuesday, we ate tacos de Marlin with a member and wednesday morning was when everything started. We worked throughout the whole day, but by the end of the day, like 9:30 I felt terrible. I asked Elder Lowry to give me a blessing and then I went to bed or at least tried. And then the hell began. I was pretty much up all night... my stomach was hurting, I had a headache, my body hurt, and ontop of all that I had a fever.  My body was really trying to get rid of something because I threw up until nothing was coming up anymore. After this my body was just shaking because I was in so much pain and I was completely covered in sweat, and for some reason, I thought of the Savior and that even though I was in so much pain, my suffering was nothing compared to what He went through. 

The next morning was a little better. I was able to sleep most of the day. The only thing was that I hadn't eaten anything because I was just scared that I wouldn't be able to keep it in me. Then the mission president's wife told us to go to a doctor. And by this time, I felt so much better... the only thing was that I was super hungry. So as we were waiting for the doctor the zone leaders walked in because one of them was sick, so it was kind of funny to see them. The doctor was then asking me alot of questions and thankfully I had Elder Lowry to translate the words and things that I didn't understand, but the next thing I knew, I was in this room and the doctor was holding a needle to give me a shot. So I sit on the bench and then the doctor motions for me to lay down and then says that this one goes on my butt.  My companion starts laughing and says " uh… I'm gonna leave" So here I am in Mexico where I can hardly understand the language and this Mexican doctor gives me a shot and I still don't even know what it was for. All I know is that my left cheek is still soar when I sit down. :( Later, the doctor gave me some pills and told me that I had to rest for 5 days. And I was like, What?! 5 days... I feel fine right now. I am just hungry. So the next day, we rested until noon and I ate some food, and then I told Elder Lowry I feel fine, let's go. So we went to work and I have been better ever since. I was so grateful for that blessing to have been healed from whatever I had. I truly am fine, so don't worry too much about what happened. The worst is over, and I am alive and healthy again :)

We also had our zone activity today so that was fun. We played volleyball then we played volleyball with water balloons where you have to catch them in your towel with your companion and launch it back. It turned out to be pretty fun. But that quickly turned into a water fight, so everyone ended up being soaked.
This week we have district inter cambios (exchanges) so I get to go to Tompolabampo!! I am so excited because this area is by the ocean. I am so excited to go see it. And that is tomorrow. 
Wish everyone the best of luck in all their activities and as they start school this week for me. Thanks for sending that pic of Elder Snyder and Elder Lowry back in 1989. haha!  I love you all so much and wish you all the best.
Elder Snyder

Elder Snyder and Elder Lowry in 1989 and their sons in 2015

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