Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 5 - Last P-day at the CCM and "The Plague!"


Well this week has had a lot of excitement. First of all let me tell you about "The Plague" that has infected the CCM. On Sunday morning one of the hermanas in our zone was sick with something. Then later that afternoon, one of the hermanas in our district wasn´t feeling so well so she went back to her room. Then after the movie we got to watch, (It was Meet the Mormons, and it was cool because it was in English with Spanish subtitles and I was able to understand pretty much all of the subtitles.) But after the movie, the CCM presidency announced that there was something going around and everyone should make sure to wash their hands and be very careful. That is where it all started.

The next day, Monday, the plague began to spread. It showed no mercy. We watched all day people getting picked up by the clinic golf cart. Everyone who was on it looked like they wanted to die. One kid had his head just pressed up against the seat in front of him. And I am not kidding, we saw that golf cart everywhere... it was at everyone´s house! Then, towards the end of the day, the hermana in our district finally started feeling better, so she was able to come to class. But the plague would not stop there. Next, it took Elder Reid from our district. And he had to go home towards the end of the day. 

Then once we finally headed home, the plague had infected our roommate, elder East. So that night all the missionaries who had not yet been infected by the plague hung out in the living room. We seriously felt like we were the people that were in "I am Legend," just biding our time to see who the plague would take next. People started placing bets on who would be next.

The next day came and me and Elder Tice remained uninfected, but our roommate was still sick, and so was elder Reid. So at class it was just my companionship and the hermanas. One of the hermanas, we are convinced is immune because she has been on splits with all the other hermanas that were sick, yet she still remains uninfected. 

Tuesday seemed to be the last major day of the plague. We talked with doctors, and they told us that there were about 100 missionaries that were reported sick. It is just crazy. Me and Elder Tice seem to be some of the few survivors of the plague.

But other than that the week has been pretty average. We have continued to teach our investigators. We have had to teach the fun lessons, like the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity, where I have very limited use of vocab in those areas.

The Utah trip sounded like a lot of fun. I laughed at the image dad gave me of Katie hiking. Mom, I hope you have a fun time at girls camp and the mosquitoes don´t wake you up at night. Literally, every night I have been woken up by this mosquito that I swear was sent by Satan. It always flies in my ear and wakes me up. Then it just taunts me by flying in my ear every few minutes after that. I even put the sheet on my head and it still tries to fly in my ear. I can hear it through the sheet! Also if I sleep with any part of my body uncovered, I wake up covered in mosquito bites. I left my hand out the other night and I woke up with 8 bites on my left hand! It is crazy.

But I am so excited to get to my mission. Someone checked the weather for Cuidad Obregón the other day and said that it was 112 degrees!! I'm excited to go to a place where the hottest day in the CCM (Mexico City) is the coolest night in my mission! haha! I heard that the Senora desert is the third hottest place in the world!! But really, I am so happy to get the opportunity to go and teach the people. I feel that I have learned all the spanish I could learn in the CCM and I just need to practice speaking. I am very grateful for all the time I have had in the CCM and all the teachers that I have had. Next time I email I will be in Obregón!!

Love you so much,
Elder Snyder

My district and I enjoying those cinnamon rolls! Thanks again!

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